The coach of the Tunisian national under-23 team, Maher Al-Kanzari, revealed the list of players that will participate in the two friendly matches against the Palestinian Olympic team, scheduled for June 1 and 5 in Tunisia, as part of a preparatory camp for the upcoming international benefits.

During his selection of the list of players who registered their presence in the preparatory camp, which actually started on Friday, May 27, Al-Kanzari preferred to rely on a large percentage of active players with the Tunisian league teams, with the exception of only 4 professionals in Europe, and it is related to: Saif Allah Latif, a team striker Swiss FC Winterthur, Hassan Al-Ayari, Sheffield United winger, Ajaccio French striker Anis Ajroud, and right-back Mounir Al-Jelassi, who is a professional in the Swedish second division club Bermabejkerna.

Tunisian international Wahbi Khazri one winwin

On the other hand, Al-Kanzari decided to dispense with Amine El-Charni, the French player of Atlético Paris, while Rennes’s goalkeeper, Elias Damerji, joined the Tunisian first team led by Jalal Al-Qadri.

A group of Tunisian fans believes that the 49-year-old Kanzari marginalizes Tunisian talents coming from European stadiums, in particular 5 players: Sami Shoshan, striker for Brighton, Raed Jaziri, defender of the Italian team Udinese, Nasir Batbut of the Swiss team Tone, and Mehdi Al-Qanuni, a reserve player for Paris Saint-Germain. The Frenchman, who on more than one occasion expressed his desire to strengthen the Tunisian Olympic team, in addition to Sebastian Tonkti, who is returning to the Norwegian team Bozo Glimt after the end of his loan period with the Dutch team Groningen.

Al-Kanzari’s technical choices prompted many observers to say that these talents may have to not meet the invitation of the Tunisian national teams in the future, as she confirmed that there is no point in attracting them to strengthen the ranks of the Carthage Eagles, and after that they do not get a chance to play, especially since the Olympic team of Tunisia, Who is preparing for the start of his journey towards qualifying for the finals of the African Nations Cup for the U-23 category, which is scheduled to be held during the month of December next year 2023 (Tunisia wants to host it).

The aforementioned tournament is considered a qualifier for the “Paris 2024” Summer Olympics, where the Tunisian team is looking forward to qualifying for the Olympic Games, for the fifth time in its history, and the first since the 2004 Athens Games.

It is noteworthy that the Tunisian Football Association has made great efforts to attract football talents born or emerging in Europe, who hold dual citizenship, at a time when the file of these players has become a priority for the union, in light of attempts to lure them by the teams of the countries in which they were born or reside.

The cell to attract the Tunisian immigrant eagles in Europe, which was launched by the Football Association and supervised by the sports director of the national team, Salim Ben Othman, was able to include several players for the Tunisian team in all Sunni groups, but observers believe that Al-Kanzari’s choices may push at least 5 of them to change their convictions in the future. near.


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