Girls bullies!

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It seems that classic bullying has passed into history, and the era of electronic bullying came with a smart screen and keyboard that referred the concept of direct bullying to another behavior. The heroes of bullying in the old era were teenagers and school students in neighborhoods, playgrounds and classrooms, and today it has become in a different “modern” form, its owner practicing a set of aggressive and humiliating behaviors against some people in order to intimidate and achieve his desire to control and achieve his goals.

Electronic bullying is a hidden and unknown behavior and its heroes are unknown, and the victims are of every gender and color. The most vulnerable group remains girls and children who are surrounded by psychological harm, and it grows day after day so that the bully develops depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder that may lead him to commit suicide.

On the other hand, society rejects and does not approve of all bullying practices, while regulatory authorities work to deter bullying. The Riyadh Police statement, which was recently issued to identify a girl shown in a video clip, assaulting another girl in a public place in the capital, was one of the manifestations of soft bullying. A spokesman for the Riyadh police said that the authorities were able to identify the girl who appeared in the circulating clip, and that legal measures are being taken against her, to confirm the competent authorities rejecting unhealthy practices and behaviors in society and holding their practitioners accountable.

Most of the victims… are girls

Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Muhammad Al-Hamid, confirmed that bullying on social media platforms is the most dangerous because it occurs in a wide space that cannot be limited and limited, and its impact is negatively and destructively reflected on the child who is exposed to it, and it is known as electronic bullying, and refers to undesirable aggressive behavior In it, the electronic bully uses modern technologies against another party for the purpose of offending and harming him, whether materially, morally, socially or psychologically.

Al-Hamid added that statistics on cyber-bullying show that 48.7% of students in Asian countries are subjected to cyber-bullying by publishing embarrassing videos for them. By offensive rumors from boys.

Al-Hamid indicated that 21% of the victims of cyber-bullying in the United States were high school girls of different skin color, and 66% of the girls who had been harassed and cyber-bullyed felt helpless and frustrated, sleep disturbances, and low self-esteem, and 25.38% of cyber-bullying cases It is done via online games.

Al-Hamid explained that the statistics also revealed that 37% of those who were exposed to cyberbullying experienced social anxiety, 36% had varying degrees of depression, 64% of student victims reported that cyberbullying affected their school performance and their sense of safety at school, and 24% of those who Subjected to continuous cyberbullying, they thought of suicide, 6% of Internet users around the world had their personal accounts hacked, 4% of Internet users around the world lost the ability to access their personal accounts again, and 70% of teens believe that banning the bully is the best way to confront cyberbullying .

Don’t scold them.. contain them

Dr. Al-Hamid stressed the need to protect children from bullying by strengthening the relationship with children and encouraging them to reveal their psychological and social problems in a loving and calm manner, away from reprimand and blame, and directing them to resort to the family in any situations they are exposed to without fear or hesitation of any reaction . He pointed out the need to control the times of children’s use of electronic devices, monitor them when they are used, and make sure that they use useful and harmless applications on their psychological behavior, and teach the child to ignore people with bad behavior, and encourage them to form friendships and social relationships to instill confidence in them.

Al-Hamid warned of the need to stand with children who are subjected to bullying without reprimanding them, so that they are not exposed to psychological problems later, and not to hesitate to seek the help of specialists if necessary, in order to preserve the psychological balance of children, while not remaining silent and submitting a complaint to the competent authorities if the type of bullying is for him. legal framework.

Bad words..a crime

Legal Counsel Saif Al-Hakami asserts that bullying occurs using abusive language, mockery, and sharing of videos or photos of the victim, especially those of a sensitive and embarrassing nature. What makes the matter worse is the continuity and the possibility of massive distribution over the Internet. Bullying also occurs on the ground with insults and obscene words, and reaches the threat of beating, as happened, finally, through one of the clips that spread, where a girl is beaten by another, and it is a type of bullying and it spreads inside schools and in gathering areas.

Al-Hakami stressed finding deterrent penalties for bullies; Because of the physical and psychological damage to the person being bullied. The Public Prosecution announced the penalties for electronic bullying in the means of communication and the Internet, and a prison term of up to one year or a fine of up to half a million riyals, or both penalties. Bullying in chat rooms

Security researcher and expert in cybersecurity and combating cybercrime, Muhammad Al-Sorayi, stressed the achievement of the strategic partnership concluded between the National Cybersecurity Authority and the United Nations Specialized Agency for Information and Communications Technology to launch the global program for the protection and empowerment of children in cyberspace, as an extension of the initiative to protect children in the cyber world. Its importance lies in the development of mobile applications and entertaining educational games to contribute to providing guidance in this regard to protect children in cyberspace.

Al Soraei revealed the most common places where cyberbullying occurs; Such as social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok), texting and messaging apps on mobile devices or tablets.

Bullying also occurs via instant messages, direct messages, online chats, forums, chat rooms, email, as well as live gaming communities.


Public Prosecution: Prison awaits them

The Public Prosecution confirmed that the bully in electronic games is punished with imprisonment for a period of up to one year and a fine of up to half a million riyals, and the instigator or assistant is an accomplice in the crime and is punished with the same punishment for the original accused. The General Administration of Institutional Communication on behalf of the State performs important roles to protect the victim.

The prosecution indicated that cyber-bullying causes depression for the bullied person if he does not receive immediate help, and may expose him to isolation, especially young people and adolescents, and be a cause of dispersal of mind and low educational level of the victim.

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