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Behind the worn clothes and the pale, fake faces, hands stretch out in front of the doors of mosques and traffic lights, in search of “charity” from passers-by. In the markets there are stories that must be told about people who excelled in wearing the cloak of beggary and playing on the emotions of women, men and youth, which makes it imperative for the concerned authorities to pursue this category. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development revealed that foreigners constitute the vast majority, and that the task of following up on them and finalizing their deportation procedures is taken care of by the security authorities.

Begging, in its general sense, is an old, renewed phenomenon that resurfaces from time to time, taking many ways to spread until it has become an organized work carried out by groups and networks that take advantage of the kindness and generosity of citizens and their perseverance in charity and doing good. The response won, as it is known that the concerned authorities take care of the needy, help them and spend on them without discrimination. The phenomenon of beggary sometimes becomes an entry point for the commission of organized crimes. The reality indicates that addressing the phenomenon can only be achieved by applying the control system in its new system in full coordination between the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in all regions of Saudi Arabia.

Sort cases

The Department of Combating Beggary in the offices of the Ministry of Human Resources aims to achieve the foundations of sound guidance and reform for beggars, as it directs people with disabilities and the infirm to social care homes to benefit from its services, and patients are referred to specialized hospitals, providing them with appropriate health care free of charge, while the financially needy is provided to them Financial assistance from social security or charitable societies after studying their cases. Young children and orphans who meet the regulations of educational homes are referred to these homes, as they are provided with appropriate accommodation and proper social upbringing. As for foreign beggars who constitute a high percentage, the task of following them up and finalizing their deportation procedures is concerned with it. The competent security authorities.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development revealed that it owns 4 offices that host the arrestee by the security authorities. The case of the arrested person is discussed in the social, economic, psychological and health aspects, with the provision of social, health, psychological and economic services to citizens; According to the needs of each case and carry out aftercare for them.

According to the recommendations, it is time to create a database to record every case that is arrested, and to monitor every case for which the Ministry of Resources provides the services stipulated in the system.

Observing the rights of good faith

Article 4 of the anti-begging system granted the Ministry of Interior, within the provisions of the system, the responsibility of coordinating with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development through: studying the social, health, psychological and economic situation of the citizens who are arrested, providing social, health, psychological and economic services according to the needs of each case, according to of relevant regulations and decisions, instructing them to benefit from the services provided by government, civil and charitable agencies, following up on them through aftercare, establishing a database in partnership with the Ministry of Interior, and recording every case that is arrested, as well as every case for which the Ministry of Human Resources provides services; This is to prove the state of the practice of beggary, spread awareness of the dangers of beggary in the psychological, social, economic and security aspects, prepare studies and research, and hold seminars and conferences related to combating beggary.

According to the system, all cash and in-kind funds obtained by the beggar, or that would be used in it, shall be confiscated, if any of these funds cannot be seized; The competent court imposed a fine equivalent to its value, taking into account the rights of good faith; The Public Prosecution will investigate the violations mentioned in the system, and file the case before the competent court.

Imprisonment, fine and deportation

Anyone who engages in begging, incites another, agrees with him, or assists him in any way whatsoever in the practice of beggary shall be punished. Imprisonment for a period not exceeding 6 months, or a fine not exceeding 50,000 riyals, or both. Also, whoever engages in beggary, manages beggars, incites others, agrees with him, or helps him in any way whatsoever, within an organized group that engages in beggary, shall be punished. Imprisonment for a period not exceeding (one year), or a fine not exceeding 100,000 riyals, or both. Every non-Saudi who has been punished – with the exception of the wife of the Saudi or the husband of the Saudi woman or her children – after the end of his sentence in accordance with the regular procedures followed, will be deported from the Kingdom, and he is prevented from returning to the Kingdom; With the exception of performing Hajj or Umrah, the penalty may be doubled in case of return, provided it does not exceed twice the maximum limit set for it.

The security authorities in Saudi Arabia continue their tasks in controlling beggars and implementing the anti-begging system adopted on the 2nd of zero for the current year and applying its articles firmly and decisively in the various regions of the Kingdom, within the framework of the campaign carried out by the Ministry of Interior; Represented by Public Security in combating beggary in all its forms and manifestations, he urged Public Security to report beggars on the number (911) in the regions of Makkah and Riyadh, and (999) in all regions of the Kingdom, emphasizing the importance of making donations through official donation platforms to ensure that they reach those who deserve it. The police of the regions began arresting beggars, and referred them to investigation authorities.

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