Amid security and political repercussions and fears of chaos... Will the Iraqi government be formed within two months?

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It is rare that the Iraqis do not differ now among themselves about the seriousness of the current political and security scene, especially after the entry of armed factions and groups on the line of the political crisis and taking biased and offensive positions, thus raising the possibilities of armed conflict, or at least entering the stage of selective liquidation among the influential within those factions. .

Among the obstruction of projects for laws supported by the (the Triple Alliance), which consists of the Sadrist movement and its allies from the Sunni and Kurdish forces, by stopping them through the Federal Court, under pressure from the “coordinating framework”, which represents the Iranian camp in Iraq, according to what members of the movement spoke Al-Sadr, and the interactions that emerged from it, the latest of which was the statement of the so-called “Coordinating Committee of the Iraqi Resistance,” the umbrella group for about 10 militias linked to Iran, in which he threatened the Kurdistan region, after a series of accusations that had no realistic effect on the street; On the other hand, the war of files that leaked some cases of corruption and obscene wealth and the huge sums of money he enjoys to the leaders of the militias or their families, especially after platforms and media affiliated with the Sadrist movement leaked some of them with direct threats to expose more of them.

Finally, accounts on the Telegram platform, and others on Twitter, vowed to reveal the whereabouts of the Revolutionary Guards leaders and their meetings in Iraq, to ​​publish missile storage sites in Mosul, Salah al-Din and Hatra, to publish important files on Hezbollah death squads, and to publish a database For the special groups that were trained in Iran and affiliated with the “Asaib” militia, and to reveal what they are doing or have done in the past, in addition to revealing documents and bank accounts used for money laundering, and ways of entering missiles and weapons from Iran into Iraq.

Through this information, it can be imagined that the aforementioned areas may be the arena for the next conflict, or that there is a new scenario being hatched for it similar to the scenario of what happened in June 2014 when ISIS took control of the same areas, or there is a desire to spread chaos in them instead of going to Shiite-Shiite fighting It is likely that the regions of the Kurdistan region of Iraq and the provinces of Nineveh and Anbar are among the priority targets of these militias, and not far away, when a car bomb exploded on April 28, 2022 in the Cultural Group area of ​​Mosul, when the Iraqi government wanted to establish security in the Sinjar district and expel all the militants from it.

In conjunction with these differences and major divisions, a large activity of terrorist gangs of ISIS began to appear in the governorates of Diyala, Kirkuk, Salah al-Din and southern Nineveh, specifically in the Hatra district, which hardly passes a day without attacks targeting military points, burning agricultural crops, or executions of civilians.

According to the latest information, the government of the national majority that the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, and the rest of the Triple Alliance insist on will be formed within two months. The government is formed during the month of August, but the situation on the ground may not tolerate an additional two months, especially with the demands that began to appear in the street and its return to protest again as a result of the failure and political obstruction that affected Iraqis and frustration that this political class will not provide him with anything that will alleviate the suffering about him.

Hence, Iraq is going through its most dangerous stage, and it may be facing a dangerous and major slippage overnight that leads to great chaos that has a beginning and no end unless the matter is remedied.

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