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An English citizen bought a bus to transport Liverpool fans to the French capital, Paris, for one pound, to support the city’s team against Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

The expected final between Liverpool and Real Madrid will be held, on Saturday evening, May 28, at the Stade de France in the French capital, Paris, amid global anticipation to know the identity of the hero; Real Madrid seeks to crown its fourteenth title in the championship, while Liverpool dreams of winning its seventh title.

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The idea started due to the high prices of train tickets and flights from Liverpool to Paris; This prompted Simon Wilson, a Reds fan, to buy a bus that is considered the “cheapest in the UK” to transport fans to support the English team in the important match for the Ears Cup.

Since it became known that the final of the tournament would be played by Liverpool and Real Madrid, the prices of planes, trains and ferries to France increased day by day, as well as the exorbitant cost of Parisian hotels.

These difficulties prompted some fans to use their ingenuity to go to the French capital, and among them stood out Wilson, who bought the cheapest bus that he could find through the “Google” engine on the Internet.

A Liverpool fan buys a bus to transport fans to attend the Champions League final against Real Madrid

“I got one that looked like a 1950s school bus (to go to France),” Wilson told the Liverpool Echo.

He added, “I thought about traveling in my Skoda, but there was hardly enough space for two more people, so I wanted to do something bigger, something that would help more people. I googled for the cheapest bus available and bought it, and I also bought several stickers. To set the scene, the posters cost more than the bus.”

Simon announced the idea of ​​the bus through social networks, stressing that he will only receive one pound from the fans who decide to take the trip with him, to receive thousands of requests.

Simon Wilson traveled in his car to attend the Champions League final in Madrid 2019

This is not the first time that Wilson has gone out of the ordinary; He traveled by car to the Spanish capital, Madrid, in 2019 to attend the Champions League final, which the “Reds” won at the expense of Tottenham 2-0.

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