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At a time when the world is accelerating towards the transition to electric vehicles, self-driving cars are emerging as one of the solutions for the future of smart mobility, in the coming years.

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that have given great attention to artificial intelligence technologies, and is working to introduce technical development in various aspects of life. With ambitious plans to diversify and develop the Kingdom’s economy, it will not be excluded in the coming years that you will see self-driving cars roaming the streets of Riyadh and Jeddah and other places. the cities.

The International Society of Automotive Engineers has set the levels of self-driving cars between (0 to 5), and currently in some countries of the world types of electric cars that have self-driving service technologies are available at levels that have reached the fourth level, and the largest car manufacturers in the world are working to reach The fifth level, which makes driving autonomous without any human intervention, according to the Saudi Press Agency, “SPA”.

Self-driving cars

The association said in a version of the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA), that the driver drives the vehicle from level zero to level two when driver support features are activated, even if he does not steer the vehicle and his feet away from the gas pedals, in addition to supervising the supporting features, and steering the steering wheel, And speed control as needed, to maintain safety.

The association added that during the operation of self-driving cars from level 3 to 5, there is no need for the driver to drive the vehicle, even if he is sitting on the driver’s seat, while the system may ask the driver at level 3 to drive the vehicle, while at levels 4 and 5, the system does not require the driver must never drive the vehicle; Because it is self-driving, a stage currently being reached by the world’s largest automakers in Germany, Japan, South Korea and the United States.

If self-driving cars develop in their technologies, increase their production, accelerate their testing, and depend on their policies, they are expected to become safe and reliable by 2035, commercially available in the world in 2030, and account for half of new sales after 2045, to be accessible to everyone by 2050. .

Saudi strategy

The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority is supervising the uses of artificial intelligence techniques in the Kingdom and foreseeing work with them, as “Sdaya” is currently working with the transport sector to improve transport infrastructure, enhance safety in its components, and raise transportation efficiency, according to its January electronic version. 2022, entitled “Autonomous Vehicles – Experiences and Challenges”.

The national strategy for transport and logistics in Saudi Arabia focused on enabling the sector to take advantage of modern technologies to raise the quality of life and increase sustainability. The Kingdom to be a leader in the region in these technologies.

For this reason, the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority “SDAIA” intends to hold a workshop next Thursday, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior, to discuss the current situation in the Kingdom and the world, the experiences that have been applied in self-driving cars, the possible uses and challenges of including these vehicles in the Kingdom, as well as discussing the possibilities that We need it for the success of the project, with the participation of more than 50 representatives and specialists from the relevant government agencies.

Lucid MotorsElectric cars in Saudi Arabia

In this context, Lucid Electric Vehicles Company, to which the Saudi Public Investment Fund contributes, recently signed an agreement to establish its first factory in Saudi Arabia, with a production capacity of 155,000 cars annually, and the Kingdom confirmed its commitment to purchase 50,000 electric cars with the possibility of purchasing 100,000 additional cars over the next 10 years.

Deliveries of the factory’s electric vehicles are likely to start in the Saudi market during the second quarter of 2023.
The move is an extension of the close investment relationship that the Public Investment Fund has started with Lucid Group since 2018, which contributed to supporting the Kingdom’s efforts in the electric car industry within the framework of Vision 2030, and in line with the fund’s strategy to advance the Kingdom’s economic transformation and launch new sectors.

In addition to the attempts of major car manufacturers and technology giants in the world to achieve advanced levels of the “self-driving vehicle” industry, industrialized countries are racing to support the project and complete its experiments, as it will make a huge revolution in the world of the automotive industry using artificial intelligence techniques.

Advantages of self-driving cars

Self-driving cars are characterized by their ability to sense their surroundings and move with control and self-sufficiency, which makes them contribute to reducing traffic congestion on the roads, improving the quality of life, and achieving the highest levels of traffic safety. And to ensure that the Kingdom is among the leading countries using modern technologies.

Artificial intelligence relies on a set of new methods and methods in programming computer systems that can be used to develop systems that simulate some elements of human intelligence, but it does not negate the importance of the presence of the human mind in any process it performs, and it is one of the techniques that is likely to change balances at the global level. As stated by UNESCO in its Circular for the year 2018.

In his speech during the opening of the World Summit on Artificial Intelligence in 2020, the Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, had stressed the importance of working to benefit from artificial intelligence, and to unleash its maximum potential in order to advance society and the economy so that the Kingdom would become a model for artificial intelligence in the world.

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Self-driving electric cars – Image via Mirror

competition between companies

The capabilities of major companies in manufacturing the technologies and sizes of these vehicles vary, while more than 80 specialized companies are working to develop their technologies, having collected from this project, during the year 2021 AD, investments estimated at about 3 billion dollars, and the manufacturers of these vehicles are also working to address legislative challenges. The technical, societal and planning challenges it faces.

According to the indicator of countries’ readiness for these vehicles issued in 2020, Singapore ranks first in terms of road quality policies and legislation, followed by the Netherlands; For its progress in infrastructure, especially in the rate of spread of charging stations for electric vehicles, then Norway, which achieved the highest rates in the market share of electric cars, then America; For its progress in supporting technologies, innovation, computing, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence.

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