With the warning of “smallpox” .. Who is responsible for monitoring monkeys?

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At a time when monkeypox cases began to appear in some European and North American countries, a number of citizens called for an intensification of the field presence of the monitors of the secretariats and municipalities; To monitor the whereabouts of monkeys in the Al-Hada area and the Makkah – Al-Sayl Expressway.

Citizens explained that in light of the warnings issued by a number of countries about the spread of the so-called monkeypox, this requires strict control over the places where these monkeys abound, such as Al-Hada area in the Taif governorate, and some sites on the Makkah – Al-Sayl Expressway.

They pointed out that some drivers, unfortunately, are a major reason for the presence and reproduction of these monkeys; Due to their keenness to provide food to her, and document this through their mobile phones to remain a memory in their tourist trips.

They added: “Tightening the precautionary measures to prevent the transmission of this disease requires round-the-clock supervision by the competent authorities to prevent food being provided to these monkeys, and there is an importance for the existence of awareness programs to demonstrate the dangers of these organisms, especially in these days with the spread of this disease, which requires the cooperation of all. To protect citizens and residents.

Yesterday, on a field tour, Okaz monitored the spread of baboons in the governorate, and they have been attacking residents and gardens for some time.

The “Okaz” tour showed the spread of numbers of them in the Al-Hada and Al-Shafa areas, and they reached residential neighborhoods within the governorate, and attacked the fruit stands in an annoying manner. Food.

For its part, Al-Taif Health apologized for not declaring anything about monkeys at this time, except through the Ministry of Health, but the latter, and by communicating with it, did not respond.

The governorate secretariat stated that it is not within its competence to follow monkeys, and that this is at the heart of the work of agriculture, and referred the newspaper to the National Center for the Development of Wildlife.

The center’s spokesman, Muhammad al-Yami, indicated that the center launched a program three months ago to assess the damages of the increasing numbers of baboons to assess the damages resulting from the increase in their numbers in residential and agricultural sites and tourist destinations in the south and west of the Kingdom to find appropriate solutions to limit these damages caused by baboons. The negative environmental, social, health and economic effects it causes.

He stressed that its connection with monkeypox – or not – has nothing to do with them, and this is one of the tasks of the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health had confirmed two days ago that no case of monkeypox had been detected in Saudi Arabia, stressing its full readiness to monitor, investigate and deal with cases in the event of any case, indicating that all medical and laboratory tests are available, and it has a plan. Integrated preventive and curative treatment to deal with such cases, if they arise, and it includes identifying suspected and confirmed cases, dealing with them, and epidemiological investigation of contacts.

The Ministry of Health indicated that the International Health Regulations program in the Kingdom is in constant contact with the World Health Organization to know the details of any developments about the disease or to monitor any cases around the world to ensure that there are no contacts with any cases monitored in the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Health urged everyone to be keen on healthy behaviors, and to follow the awareness instructions issued by it and the Public Health Authority (Prevention), as well as in the case of traveling outside the Kingdom, to identify the necessary preventive measures, especially in the countries where the disease was detected.

The World Health Organization stated that there are about 80 confirmed cases of monkeypox, and 50 other cases are under examination and verification in 11 countries.

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