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The English Premier League is the strongest league in the world in recent years, and it is also the most popular among all the major leagues and others in Europe, and all the local leagues in various parts of the world.

The popularity of the English Premier League in the Arab world has increased in recent years, especially with the presence of great stars who led their teams to achieve the Premier League title on more than one occasion, most notably, of course, the duo of Liverpool and Manchester City, the Egyptian Mohamed Salah and the Algerian Riyad Mahrez.

The English Premier League deserved to be the most popular and powerful, especially in recent years because it is the oldest league in the history of football.

Premier League

But who is the team that has won the most English Premier League in its more than a century history? And where does the position of the top Premier League in recent years, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and others, fall in the ranking?

Who is the team that won the most English Premier League?

The team that won the most English Premier League, whether before or after professionalism, is Manchester United, thanks to the revolution that Scottish coach “Sir” Alex Ferguson made in the team during the nineties of the last century, during his career he won with the Red Devils 13 copies of the Premier League.

Before Ferguson reached the leadership seat at Old Trafford and entered the English Premier League, the number of United titles from the tournament was only 7, and with the addition of the thirteen titles of coach Ferguson, who many consider the best coach in history, Manchester United became the historical champion of the competition with 20 titles.

How many trophies does Liverpool have in the English Premier League?

We previously talked about the number of Liverpool championships in the English Premier League, that is, after entering professionalism in 1992-93, and we mentioned that he has only one championship, but the situation is completely different if we talk about history in general.

The Reds team entered the Premier League era, and is the most winning team in the championship in its history by a large difference from the nearest competitors, as it had 18 titles in its possession under the name of the old championship, and despite entering a fasting period for the coronation, Manchester United did not succeed in equalizing it only in a season 2008-09.

By adding pre-professional titles to the Reds’ only championship in the Premier League, we will find that Liverpool is the second most winning club in the English Premier League in history with 19 titles, one title difference from United.

Liverpool celebrate the English Premier League title 2019-20 season One win

How many trophies does Manchester City have in the English Premier League?

Manchester City’s ranking in the list of the most winning teams in the English Premier League in history is somewhat behind, as the team has not historically been a contender for championships despite its establishment more than 100 years ago.

At the beginning of the second decade of this century, an Emirati investment group acquired the shares of the sky blue team, and a new era began in the club’s history, during which it reached the strongest tournaments, and became a permanent candidate for it.

During this period, Manchester City won six championships in the English Premier League, the last of which was in the current season 2022/2021, to add it to his two championships before the Premier League era, bringing the number of his English Premier League titles in all its forms to only 8, and he is in fifth place.

Which team has won the English Premier League the most?

When we talk about the English Premier League, here we mean the period from the 1992-93 season until today, when professionalism entered English football and the level of the championship began to rise until it became the best in the world at the moment.

Manchester United is the team that has won the most English Premier League titles in history, winning 13 titles, all with Sir Alex Ferguson, followed by the duo Manchester City with six titles, then Chelsea with five titles.

As for Liverpool, although it is one of the top clubs in its history, and one of the most winning clubs in all its forms and systems, it only won one Premier League title, led by Egyptian pharaoh Mohamed Salah in the 2019-20 season.

What teams have won the English Premier League?

The number of teams that have won the Premier League in its history since 1888 until now is 24, and the last entrant on the list was Leicester City, when Algerian Riyad Mahrez led them to win the title in the 2015-16 season.

The winning teams in the English Premier League in its history

the teamHerorunner-up
Manchester United2017
Manchester City85
Aston Villa710
Sheffield Wednesday41
Leeds United35
Preston North End26
Derby County23
Sheffield United12
West Brom12
Ipswich Town12
Nottingham Forest12
Leicester City11

Much fewer clubs have won the English Premier League, which began in 1992, there are only 7 teams that won the title: Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Blackburn and Leicester City, and the last entrant in the list was Liverpool with the title with Mohamed Salah in 2019-20.

English Premier League winning teams

the teamThe number of titles
Manchester United13
Manchester City6
Leicester City1

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