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The Madrid newspapers launched a sharp attack on French striker Kilian Mbappe, after he decided to stay in the ranks of his Paris Saint-Germain team and not to move to Real Madrid in the next summer Mercato.

And Paris Saint-Germain, the French champions, announced, on Saturday, May 21, the renewal of Mbappe’s contract for three seasons, to continue with the team until 2025, after he was just around the corner from leaving for Real Madrid in a free transfer deal.

French striker Kylian Mbappe renewed his contract with Paris Saint-Germain until 2025 after several months of anticipation

“I want to announce that I have chosen to extend my contract with Paris Saint-Germain, and I am absolutely happy. I am convinced that here I can continue to develop at a club that has given itself every avenue to perform at the highest level,” the 23-year-old said in a club statement.

“I am also very pleased that I can continue to play in France, the country where I was born, raised and excelled,” added the 2018 world champion with France.

La Liga intends to file a complaint against Saint-Germain over Kylian Mbappe

The first reaction to the renewal of Mbappe’s contract came from the Spanish League, which issued an official statement announcing the filing of an official complaint against Paris Saint-Germain for allegedly violating the financial fair play laws.

Reportedly, the League has submitted the complaint against Paris Saint-Germain to the European Football Association “UEFA”, the European Union authorities, and the French authorities, after announcing the renewal of Mbappe’s contract.

La Liga statement on the renewal of Kylian Mbappe’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain

Did Karim Benzema and Real Madrid stars accuse Kylian Mbappe of “treason”?

The most prominent messages that Real Madrid stars tried to convey to the French star after his decision to stay in the ranks of Paris Saint-Germain came from the leader, French Karim Benzema, where he published a picture of the famous American rapper Tupac collected by one of his friends involved in his murder in 1996, a sign from Benzema that that Betrayal sometimes comes from the closest friends, according to what was published by newspapers close to Real Madrid.

Benzema hints at Mbappe’s betrayal of him and Real Madrid

Benzema also posted a photo via the story feature on the social networking site instagram, pointing his finger at the Real Madrid logo, hinting that Mbappe is the loser by not signing for the royal club, which is playing, on May 28, the Champions League final against Liverpool.

As for the young Brazilian player Rodrigo Goes, the maker of Real Madrid’s “Remontada” against Manchester City in the Champions League semi-final, he posted a picture on his official page on the social networking site “Twitter” showing him kissing the royal club’s crest.

Spanish newspapers criticize Kylian Mbappe

The newspaper “Marca” sharply criticized Mbappe after he preferred to stay with Paris Saint-Germain and not join Real Madrid, and said: “You need a lot of sophistication to play in Madrid, and added:” Mbappe betrays the Meringue club and renews with Paris Saint-Germain, he chose Paris money over Real legend.

Marca newspaper attacks Kylian Mbappe after renewing his contract with Paris Saint-Germain

As for the famous Spanish “Al Chiringuito” program, he said: “Mbappe has given his consent to Real Madrid since last September, and indicated that President Florentino Perez spoke with Mbappe every 15 days via Skype, and they agreed on everything, including the contract details.”

Host Josep Pedrol added, “Mbappe Khan Perez and Real Madrid, as he told the president that he will play for the Royal Club next season, and everything has been agreed, money, contract and so on.”

The Chiringuito program reveals exciting facts about the failure of Mbappe’s transfer to Real Madrid

What did Real Madrid president Florentino Perez say to Mbappe after renewing his contract with Paris Saint-Germain?

In turn, the famous Spanish “El Chiringuito” program revealed that Kylian Mbappe told Real Madrid president Florentino Perez that he would not come to Real Madrid this summer after renewing his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, through a message via the “WhatsApp” application.

According to the same source, Peres’ response to Mbappe was “dry” and read as follows: “I’m sorry for what happened in the past few days. They shattered that dream you’ve had since you were a child, I wish you all the best.”

Mbappe sent a WhatsApp message to Florentino Perez to inform him of his decision to continue with Paris Saint-Germain

For its part, the Spanish newspaper “AS” described Mbappe as a “traitor” and said: “Ten days after he promised Perez to move to Real Madrid next season, Mbappe turned and deceived everyone, and the president (Perez) kept thinking for the last moment that he would play for the royal club next season.”

As for the Catalan newspaper, “Sport”, which is close to Barcelona, ​​​​she said: “Mbappe mocked Real Madrid, it is simply a matter of money, a lot of money. Mbappe does not care about the history of the Bernabeu and Real Madrid in the European Cup, he is not interested in the value of the shirt.”

Waiting for Pochettino .. Leonardo is the first victim of Mbappe’s contract renewal!

Paris Saint-Germain’s sporting director, Leonardo, was dismissed from his position after the French club informed him of this, Saturday, May 21, the day marked by the announcement of the extension of the contract of the first team star, French Kylian Mbappe until 2025 after more than a year And half of the debate over his future.

French network “RMC Sport” revealed Sunday, May 22nd, that the Paris club’s management had already informed Leonardo of the decision to dismiss him from his position before the match in which Saint-Germain defeated Metz 5-0 at the end of the French League.

The same source pointed to Mbappe’s role in making this decision, as he did not want Leonardo to continue in his position due to “the futility of his projects in the team, which did not bear fruit,” according to the same source.

The same source added that the dismissal of Leonardo is part of the comprehensive reorganization of the Parisian team’s organizational scheme, stressing that the position of the Brazilian has already been threatened for several weeks, and the “RMC” network also indicated that Leonardo’s successor in the position of sports director, will be Portuguese Luis. Campos, the sporting director of the Spanish club Celta Vigo, on the recommendation of Mbappe himself, as the young French star had previously dealt with him when he was sporting director of the French club Monaco (2013/2016), as well as his friendship with the Mbappe family.

Coach Mauricio Pochettino is close to leaving and Zidane is the closest to his succession!

On the other hand, the same source blew a surprise of the highest caliber, as he confirmed that the dismissal of Leonardo would not be the last change in the organizational structure of the French capital club, and explained that the position of Argentine Mauricio Pochettino is also under threat.

RMC said that the positions of Leonardo and Pochettino were the most threatened in the past weeks, noting that the relationship with the Argentine coach would soon be terminated, as part of the reforms that the Parisian intends to undertake in the coming period, most notably the competition for the Champions League title, which The team failed to get it over the past years.

Several press reports had linked – in the past weeks – the former French star Zinedine Zidane with the training of Paris Saint-Germain, and nominated him to succeed Pochettino, and “Zizou” has not occupied any job since his departure from Real Madrid’s training last year.

On the other hand, the programtelefootThe famous Frenchman said that Zinedine Zidane is reluctant to take over the training of Paris Saint-Germain next season, despite Mbappe’s continuation with the team.

And the same source said, on Sunday, May 22, that Zidane is not enthusiastic about coaching Paris Saint-Germain, although he is considered one of the most nominated names to train the French champions next season, while the “RMC” network revealed that “Zizou” wants to coach the French national team after The end of the era of the current coach Didier Deschamps, which is expected after the end of the Qatar World Cup 2022 at the end of this year. She explained that the former French star will coach Saint-Germain only, if Deschamps continues his mission with the “roosters”.

Mbappe after staying in Saint-Germain: I thank Al-Khelaifi for his trust and patience

Kylian Mbappe, the star of Paris Saint-Germain, who renewed his contract on Saturday, May 21 until 2025, thanked the president of the Parisian club, Qatari Nasser Al-Khelaifi, for his “confidence, understanding and patience”, in reference to the length of negotiations between the two parties on the renewal.

Minutes after the club and the player announced their renewal, the player said in an official statement: “I am also thinking of all the fans of Paris Saint-Germain, in France, and everyone, for all these gestures of warmth and love in recent months.”

He stressed, “I am absolutely convinced that I can continue to develop within the framework of this club, which has all the means to compete at the highest levels. I am also very happy to continue in France, my country, which witnessed my development on a professional level.”

For his part, Al-Khelaifi said: “The renewal of Mbappe’s contract represents an exceptional moment in the history of our club, and is very happy news for all fans in the world.”

The club president added that the 23-year-old has now become “the cornerstone of the club’s project for the coming years, both on and off the field.”

Al-Khelaifi had officially announced on Saturday that the team’s star Mbappe would stay for three seasons to come 2025. Minutes before the start of the PSG match against Metz, which the team won by five clean goals, Mbappe scored a “hat-trick”, in the last round of “Ligue 1”. In front of the fans of the Parc des Princes, the president of the Paris club confirmed that the star of the team will stay for the next three years until 2025.

“I have very good news for you today,” Al-Khelaifi said, in a surprising announcement to everyone after more than a year and a half of ambiguity and rumors about Mbappe’s future and his strong association with the move to Real Madrid.

The reaction came from the fans of the French champion present in the stands with cheers, before Mbappe appeared with a shirt written on it 2025.

The young French star has often been associated with a move to Real Madrid, taking advantage of the end of his previous contract with the end of the current football season, as he tried to contract him many times, according to European media, but all attempts failed after Mbappe renewed his contract with the Parisian for three other years.

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