Urgent decision to develop renewable energy and hydrogen in the Sultanate of Oman - Energy

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The Sultanate of Oman continues its efforts to enhance its capabilities in the field of renewable energy and hydrogen and the transformation into a strong and clean economy, through cooperation between the competent authorities, governmental and technical.

According to a press release issued today, Sunday, May 22, the Ministry of Energy and Minerals in the Sultanate of Oman announced that a ministerial committee and technical teams have been formed with the mission of unifying efforts to develop the renewable energy and hydrogen sector, and launching a program that produces specialized tracks with a governance system, to ensure proper planning and implementation. Effective and consistent with the royal directives, according to the Oman News Agency, “Oman”.

The Director-General of the Directorate of Renewable Energy and Hydrogen in the ministry, Engineer Abdulaziz bin Saeed Al Shethani, said that the Sultanate has recently completed a study of the National Energy Plan, which defined the strategic directions of the energy sector, in light of global changes and national capabilities.

Studies and organizational frameworks

Renewable energy and hydrogen
Renewable energy and hydrogen in the Sultanate of Oman – Photo courtesy of the Oman News Agency

Al-Shaidani explained that work is continuing to conduct the necessary studies to develop the sector, and to appoint specialized expertise houses through a number of tenders, some of which were put forward, and the rest of them are expected to be offered during the coming period, as it relates to proposing and preparing the regulatory and legal framework for the sector and preparing the national policy for energy transition and the policies emanating from it. .

This plan takes advantage of the available studies, as well as involving stakeholders, including proposals for incentives and facilities, proposing models for evaluating bids submitted for investment in the renewable energy and hydrogen sector, and proposing the appropriate government revenue model for each stage.

He stressed that work is still ongoing to identify concession areas for targeted renewable energy as a first stage. In coordination with the concerned authorities and related parties to prepare the first package for offering to investors at the earliest opportunity, and in parallel with the identification of concession areas, preparations are underway to conduct topographical and social studies and studies of energy storage options and to identify the necessary future studies.

According to the Omani official, a vision has begun to establish a national energy database, and to use the information provided by existing and future field surveys and studies to support energy policies, plans and projects.

The role of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals

The Ministry of Energy and Minerals in the Sultanate of Oman adopts the responsibility for producing green hydrogen, to be among the world’s countries in its production through the presence of the main ingredients for its production, represented in solar energy, wind energy and extended lands, and its extensive experience in energy production and export, and its centrality in markets and global trade routes.

In August 2021, the ministry sponsored the establishment of a national alliance for green hydrogen, known as “High Fly”, to establish the Sultanate’s position on the map of developing clean hydrogen production and use. The alliance includes 13 major institutions from the public and private sectors.

Among the most important projects in the Sultanate of Oman currently are; The “Highport Duqm” project aims to produce green hydrogen from renewable energy, in line with the global shift to replace traditional fuels with clean fuels or renewable energy.

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