Unanimously.. "Arab States" renew confidence in Saudi Arabia to head ALECSO until 2024

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The Arab countries represented by the members of the Executive Council of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science “ALECSO” renewed their confidence in the election of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to chair the Executive Council until 2024, with the unanimity of the Arab countries.

This came after the meeting held by the Council following the meeting of the General Conference in its 26th session, which concluded its work yesterday, where the members of the Council expressed their thanks and appreciation for the positive results achieved and the complementary work of the Executive Council during the past ten months.

They also unanimously agreed on the importance of moving forward and the continuation of the Executive Council in its new and advanced vision that it recently started, reiterating what has been accomplished as an important shift in the history of the Council towards strengthening its role in supporting the organization and its programs to serve its orientations in the Arab world, as the Council worked on several initiatives that strengthened joint Arab action. The desire of the Arab countries to continue the Kingdom in the presidency of the Council comes after the appreciation of the General Conference headed by Arab Ministers for the qualitative efforts made by the Executive Council headed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which worked on new grounds in the vision of joint Arab action, according to a clear methodology and a work spirit based on integrative work. between the Executive Board and the management of the organization.

The Arab ministers praised the initiative of the President of the Executive Council, Hani bin Moqbel, to develop the road map for the Executive Council, which was built according to a clear methodology based on the involvement of countries in building a common Arab vision to support and enable the organization to achieve its goals.

Al-Muqbil thanked the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his Crown Prince for the great support, empowerment and care, which was reflected in the Saudi role and its presidency of the Executive Council to contribute to a fruitful impact and supportive work for the development of work in the ALECSO, praying to God Almighty for success in this mission to achieve the aspirations of the leadership.

The Minister of Culture also thanked the Chairman of the National Committee for Education, Culture and Science, Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan, for the support, guidance, supervision and harnessing of capabilities, which gave direct and significant support throughout the Saudi presidency of the Executive Council of the organization supporting the work of the organization in all its fields to serve its goals with all Arab countries, while He thanked the trust of the Arab countries and the members of the ALECSO Executive Council for renewing confidence in the results and gains that have been achieved during the past ten months from the work of the Council and the organization, explaining that this could only have been achieved through the spirit of teamwork and keenness to develop the work of the organization and constructive participation in Adopting decisions and organizing courses of action to reach the best possible results to contribute to achieving the goals of the organization, and to promote building dialogue and cooperation, and all that serves the organization in its joint work among the brotherly Arab countries.

Al-Muqbil said: «The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in its presidency of the Executive Council, worked to take care of the interests of the countries by listening to their proposals, observations and visions to ensure that they are reflected on the ground and implemented in stages, and later the countries will work with greater effort and higher interest in taking care of the interests of the organization, and from this way greater value will be created for all parties. ».

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