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The sporting director of the French club, Stade Brest, Gregory Lorenzi, left the impression, according to analysts, that the management of his team will find great difficulties in retaining the Algerian international, Youssef Belaili, next summer, after it embarked during the past few days in negotiations to extend his contract, which ends in June / next June.

Youssef Belaili had joined the French club Stade Brest during the last day of the last winter Mercato, in a free transfer deal after he terminated his contract with Qatar Club, and signed at that time a 6-month contract with a clause allowing the French club to extend it for two additional years.

Youssef Blaili Brest Bordeaux One One winwin

The situation of the Algerian international developed significantly during the months of April and May, and it turned from the situation of a player who was frequently criticized after his faltering start with Brest, according to analysts, to the case of a glowing player wanted by many French and European clubs, which complicated the task of the Brest administration, according to the media. France, persuading the Algerian national team star to stay.

“Of course, the main idea for us is to keep Blailey,” Lorenze said, in statements to the French newspaper “Le Telegram”, on Sunday, May 22, in response to a question related to the negotiations with Blailey, before adding: “But today there is an economic reason that affects what We can make it to him from a financial offer, and what he wants is to get it.” He stressed, “We will not be able to give him what he was getting from the money in the Gulf.”

Brest is facing financial difficulties to keep Youssef Belaili

French media sources included the response of the sporting director of Brest in the context that the French club could not keep up with the financial demands of Blaili, and the fierce competition on the part of some clubs in obtaining the services of the glowing player in the recent period in the French League, especially since the financial capabilities of Brest Club are modest, according to French media. .

The sporting director applauded Blailey’s deal, saying: “Blaile was an add-on. When you bring in a player of this quality who has done great things on another continent, there is always a question mark about adaptation, mentality and so on,” adding, “People have heard a lot about him, So much so that they were disappointed after 4 or 5 matches.”

And he added: “For me, I did not think that way. After a period of acclimatization, Blailey managed to play good matches,” and stressed: “3 weeks ago some demanded to get rid of him, and now they are asking us to keep him.” , nor euphoric about him. We know what he can do just as well as we know what he cannot do.”

Brest’s sporting director admits the difficulty of keeping Youssef Blaili

And many French media revealed earlier that the star of the Algerian national team is on the radar of the Greek clubs Olympiacos, AEK Athens and Thessaloniki, as well as many French clubs wishing to include him during the next Mercato, especially since he is currently in the status of a free player, and it will not cost much.

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