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The work of the Fourth Conference on Neurosurgery and Spine was launched in Sana’a today, organized by the Yemeni Society of Neurosurgery and Spine in cooperation with the Supreme Medical Council.

At the opening of the conference, a member of the Supreme Political Council, Ahmed Al-Rahwi, pointed out the importance of the conference in the development of neurosurgery and spine, and the exchange of scientific and medical expertise and the scientific development witnessed by various Yemeni universities.

Al-Rahwi expressed the hope that the conference would come out with scientific recommendations aimed at strengthening medical services in the field of the brain, nerves and spine.

For his part, the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor, expressed his thanks to the University of September 21 and the Yemeni Society of Neurosurgeons and Spine for organizing the qualitative scientific medical conference, which brings together the best specialists in this important and rare field at the national level.

Dr. Bin Habtoor considered these scientific conferences, the quality of local and foreign participation in them, and the brainstorming they witness, as factors to identifying the latest scientific discoveries in these specialized scientific fields.

He pointed out that Yemen is full of competencies in all medical specialties, especially the specialty of brain and nerves, which is considered the most important, difficult and most accurate.. Pointing to the importance of the almost daily search for knowledge in order to improve the capabilities of the specialist and the treating doctor, as well as keeping pace with scientific developments in this field, and in other fields. scientific fields.

The Prime Minister touched on the coincidence of this scientific event on a remarkable and important day in the life of the Yemeni people on May 22, the national day of the establishment of the Republic of Yemen.

In the opening, in the presence of Deputy Speaker of Parliament Abdul Salam Hashoul, Ministers of Information, Daif Allah Al-Shami and State, Abdulaziz Al-Bukair, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Ali Sharaf Al-Din, undersecretaries of the Ministry of Health, heads of bodies and hospitals, and academics, the President of the Supreme Medical Council – President of the September 21 University of Medical and Applied Sciences, Dr. Mujahid indicated Maasar, to coincide with the convening of the conference with the celebration of the 32nd National Day of the Republic of Yemen, and the prominent role of Yemeni minds in strengthening national steadfastness and cohesion on the fronts of science, knowledge, construction and development.

He pointed out that the conference for the current year was distinguished by the wide external participation of pioneers in the field of neurosurgery, through the live broadcast of the international neurosurgery TV channel, to exchange experiences between Yemeni and international surgeons, and to increase the efficiency of neurosurgeons, as well as the academic participation from the September 21 University of Medical and Academic Sciences.
Dr. Maasar considered the conference an opportunity to develop the scientific and medical skills of students and physicians in the field of neurosurgery through studies and research presented by a group of the association’s doctors, professors and giants of neurosurgery in the world.

Meanwhile, the President of the Yemeni Society for Neurosurgery and Spine, Dr. Qassem Al-Asbahi, and the President of the Conference, Dr. Majid Amer, said that the conference will be attended by 50 speakers representing 14 Arab, Asian, European and American countries, and about 1,200 participants from specialists and consultants from neurosurgeons.

The conference was considered a scientific phenomenon in which scientific research varied, which would reflect positively on improving the level of doctors’ performance in providing the finest services to citizens using the latest methods.

Dr. Al-Asbahi and Dr. Amer pointed out that the diversity of research presented in the fields of endoscopy of neurosurgery, spine and various injuries is one of the pillars of research that will be discussed at the Fourth Conference on Neurosurgery and Spine.
They touched on the importance of the conference in developing brain, neurosurgery and spine, exchanging scientific and medical expertise and developing the skills of consultants and doctors in this field.

The conference will discuss, during the period 22-24 May, the latest research in the fields of endoscopic neurosurgery, blood vessels and brain catheterization, various spine surgeries, nervous system tumors, accidents and injuries of the brain and nerves, skull base and neurosurgery for children, and radiotherapy for brain tumors. Pain management, peripheral nerve surgery, as well as functional nervous system surgery.

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