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The French, Spanish and German leagues revealed all their secrets by crowning Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, respectively, with the league title. On Sunday, May 22, all eyes will be on England and Italy to find out the identity of the two champions, as Liverpool and Manchester City are battling for the English Premier League title, while Milan and Inter Milan are competing for the Italian League title.

The traditional competition between Liverpool and Manchester City continues in recent years, specifically since the arrival of German coaches Jurgen Klopp and Spaniard Pep Guardiola to coach the two teams in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool coach, looks at Steven Gerrard, coach of Aston Villa One Winwin

The 2021-22 season takes its last breath by holding the 38th and final round of the Premier League, Sunday, May 22, as Manchester City enters this round and is at the top of the standings with 90 points, one point ahead of its pursuers, Liverpool.

What do Manchester City and Liverpool need to win the Premier League title?

Manchester City will receive Aston Villa at its stadium, “Al-Ittihad”, led by its English coach, Steven Gerrard, the former legend of Liverpool, while Wolverhampton will be a guest of Liverpool in its stronghold, “Anfield”.

City will be required to beat Aston Villa in order to guarantee the preservation of the English Premier League title for the second year in a row, while Liverpool will be required to beat Wolverhampton and wait for a gift from Aston Villa either with a draw or a victory over City.

And in the event that Manchester City loses to Aston Villa, and Liverpool draws with Wolverhampton; The two teams will be equal in points with 90 points each, and in this case the title will go to City, which has a goal difference of +72, while the total goal difference for Liverpool is +66.

Relegation struggle in the Premier League

As for the relegation struggle, after Norwich City and Watford, ranked 20 and 19, were officially relegated to the English Championship “Championship”, the race was limited to obtaining a ticket to stay in the Premier League between Leeds United and Burnley.

Leeds has 35 points in 18th place, with a goal difference behind Watford 17th, and the first faces Brentford outside its home, while the second receives Newcastle United at its home.

Who will decide the Italian League title between Milan and Inter?

In Italy, Milan is looking to regain the title absent from it since the last crowning of the 2011/2010 season, while the “arch-enemy” neighbor hopes that his joy will be double, if he manages to retain the title that he also won last year after an absence of a decade (2009/2010 crowning). Before last).

Milan leads the Italian league with 83 points, two points behind its neighbor Inter, and will be required to win or draw with its host Sassuolo to win the Calcio title, while Inter, the second with 81 points, is looking to beat Sampdoria and wait for Milan to lose against Sassuolo to win the Scudetto.

In the event that Milan tied with Sausolo and Inter beat Sampdoria; The title will go to the Rossoneri, as the Serie A rules state that in the event of equal points; Direct confrontations are resorted to, in which Milan excel, as the two teams tied 1-1 in the first leg and Milan won the return 2-1.

A special struggle between Milan and Inter throughout the season from the Calcio

Cagliari or Salernitana .. Who will survive the relegation from Calcio?

In the conflict for the late positions, the relegation of the Venezia and Genoa teams to the Italian second division was officially confirmed, and the last round will see the name of the third team between Cagliari, who is in 18th place with 29 points, and Salernitana, who is 17th with 31 points.

Cagliari is a guest at Spezia, and is set to win and wait for the Salernitana bump, which needs to win to ensure it stays in the First Division next season.

In the event of a tie in Salernitana and a win for Cagliari, the two teams will be tied in points with 32 points each, and since the two teams are tied in head-to-head matches with the same score 1-1 back and forth; The goal difference will be resorted to, as Cagliari, who owns -34, and Salernitana have -41.

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