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Today, Sunday, Jordan announced a project of solar cells and solar heaters, with great facilities for citizens. To encourage them to buy and adopt the trend to renewable energy.

The Kingdom is striving to expand the spread of clean energy, through advanced technologies, especially solar-powered cells and heaters.

In this context, the Ministry of Energy, through the Renewable Energy and Energy Rationalization Fund, revealed the details of the second phase of the national program to support the domestic sector with solar cell systems and heaters, which cost in the first phase about 20 million dinars ($28.2 million).

The second phase includes financing facilities from 4 banks, namely: (Islamic Bank, Cairo Amman Bank, Safwa Bank, Capital Bank); The Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Renewable Energy Fund, Dr. Saleh Al-Kharabsheh, signed agreements with these banks, this Sunday morning.

Under these agreements, citizens will be given the opportunity to benefit from the program through easy installment programs that will facilitate them to obtain the necessary financing for the installation of solar cell systems and heaters for homes.

Solar Cell Program in Jordan

The Minister of Energy, Saleh Al-Kharabsheh, announced that the installments of any solar cell systems and home heaters, will include the following:

  • Direct subsidy at a value of 30% of the cost of these systems, provided to help families.
  • Facilities in paying the rest of the amount through local banks and associations; This contributes to reducing the monthly electricity bill.
  • The size of the systems supported by the power fund is a maximum of 3.6 kW, also covered by the electricity subsidy, either in this program or installed in the first phase.

The minister stressed that “this is a commitment by the government to effectively support the programs provided by the fund to citizens, and to ensure that they benefit from them in an appropriate manner.

He pointed out, in a press statement today, Sunday, the importance of the program in creating a direct economic, social and environmental impact on the groups targeted by support from the domestic sector.

He also pointed out its importance in stimulating the work of companies operating in the field of renewable energy and solar heaters in the governorates; What contributes to creating additional direct and indirect job opportunities; This will have a direct local development impact.

Renewable energy in Jordan

“This program implemented by the Ministry’s Renewable Energy Fund is a continuation of the Fund’s plans and programs to support the domestic sector, as well as a clear indication of the government’s desire to support and empower the Jordanian citizen in the monthly electricity bill, and to our continued work to achieve plans in the field of gradual energy transition in various fields. sectors, in order to achieve sustainability in this field,” according to the minister’s statements.

solar cells
Part of Kharabsheh meeting with bank representatives – photo from the Ministry of Energy’s Twitter page (May 22, 2022)

For his part, the Director of the Renewable Energy Fund, Rasmi Hamza, stressed the importance of the partnership between the Renewable Energy Fund with commercial banks and local associations to implement this program and reach citizens by providing various financing windows, to allow them to benefit from the program through easy installment programs that facilitate citizens to obtain On the financing needed to install solar cell systems and heaters for homes.

He said that “4 banks have now joined to participate in this program, and it will be followed by signing similar agreements with 25 local associations in various governorates to facilitate access to citizens in their places of residence.”

He added that the launch of this phase of the program comes after the first phase achieved its objectives and installed solar cell systems for 4,500 homes, in addition to solar heater systems, with a total project financing volume of 15 million dinars ($21.1 million).

He pointed out that the Fund will continue to perform its mission of enabling citizens to bear the monthly electricity bill and to have a direct economic and social impact in this regard.

Solar cell project terms

The terms of the agreement signed today, Sunday, May 22, with the four banks, include that the citizen choose the service provider or contractor to install the solar cell system or the solar heater system.

Priority is given to local suppliers or contractors in the governorates, or within the region, and that the supplier or contractor is licensed by the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Authority to install solar cell systems.

With regard to the installation of solar heaters, the supplier or contractor must be on the list of those qualified to install solar heater systems; As this list can be obtained through the financing windows.

Those wishing to benefit from the program can learn more details through the guideline prepared for it, which was created to facilitate citizens wishing to benefit from the program in knowing the application mechanism, support details and technical specifications of the systems, which can be obtained through the website of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

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