Saudi Arabia in the ALECSO during two and a half years

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The Executive Council of the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science announced «ALEXO» In its meeting held after the meeting of the General Conference in Tunisia on May 21, 2022, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was re-elected as Chairman of the Executive Council until the year 2024, after the leadership role of Saudi Arabia in managing the Executive Council achieved important gains and results thanks to the upward work of the Executive Council to support the organization, and what He took strategic and organizational measures to develop governance and performance efficiency, achieve financial sustainability, empower the Executive Council and the organization, enhance joint Arab action, and reflect the actual reality of the organization in the media, in a way that enhances a positive mental image of it.


As an extension of Saudi Arabia’s pivotal and influential role in dialogue and understanding with the countries of the world, and communication with its main blocs and influential forces, and based on its interest in regional and international organizations, and its keenness to strengthen relations with the countries of the Arab and Islamic world, Saudi Arabia is keen to activate its institutional role in the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science ALECSO, in line with the roles of the member states and contributes to achieving the goals of the organization, and its impact extends to the development of the organization’s fields of work in all Arab societies.

Thanks to the leadership’s care and attention, and the directives, keenness and follow-up of the Minister of Culture, “Saudi Arabia in ALECSO” has worked since July 2020 until today to invest the available opportunities and the Saudi national energies in proportion to the progress and qualification that Saudi Arabia has achieved, and the role it leads regionally and internationally, to present a living and realistic model of the Saudi will. For institutional improvement and development, and the promotion of Saudi content in organizations, which was reflected in its role in ALECSO by presenting 44 initiatives such as the Arab Talented Program and approving the organization of international conferences such as the First International Conference on Food Security and Environmental Sustainability, and holding virtual workshops and meetings.

How did the Saudi role in the organization become after its election as Chairman of the Executive Council in July 2021?

Saudi Arabia has an important leadership role in developing the work of the Executive Council of the organization, which has been reflected on the organization in general. The most prominent work stations of Saudi Arabia in ALECSO after its election as Chairman of the Executive Council are as follows:

– July 2021, Saudi Arabia, represented by Hani bin Moqbel Al-Muqbil, was elected Chairman of the Executive Council of ALECSO. The organization, which is reflected on the performance of the organization in general.

– August 2021, work began on preparing a roadmap for the presidency of the Executive Council, followed by the preparation of a questionnaire for specialists in the field of culture, education, science and technology, inventorying the views of think tanks and national authorities, and holding individual meetings with members of the Executive Council.

– September 2021, the experts’ views were reviewed, 178 proposals were reviewed, priorities were arranged, the organization’s visit was conducted, the views and proposals were discussed with the leaders of the organization, the proposals of the members of the Executive Council of the organization were submitted, the Director General was invited to visit Saudi Arabia, and the meeting of the Executive Council’s office was held.

October 2021 The Chairman of the Executive Council held a workshop with the members of the Council to discuss opportunities for work and development mechanisms.

– November 2021, the Presidency of the Executive Council coordinated with 6 countries to submit official proposals on their behalf, and prepared a concept paper for the establishment of the Partnerships Unit and a concept paper to diversify sources of funding for activities outside the programmes.

– January 2022 AlUla hosted the Executive Council meeting in its 116th session, during the period 25-27 January 2022. During this meeting and the previous institutional work led by the Executive Council over the past eight months, several important outputs were achieved as follows:

1- 7 Arab countries chair committees within the Executive Council (for the first time in the history of the organization).

2- 6 Arab countries submit official proposals in one meeting (for the first time in the history of the organization).

3- Formation of 4 permanent technical committees emanating from the Executive Council in the fields of: education, culture, science, information and communication (for the first time in the history of the organization).

4- Formation of 4 strategic committees within the Executive Council (the Committee to reconsider the rules of procedure of the Executive Council, the Partnerships and Diversification of Funding Sources Committee, the Organization’s Media and Marketing Committee, the ALECSO Prize Committee).

5- Formation of a permanent youth committee.

Since last March, the Executive Council has held 19 meetings of the 9 committees emanating from the Executive Council during its 116th session held in Al-Ula Governorate, and 20 countries participated over the course of 50 days, with the committees issuing more than 30 recommendations.

The participatory and integrative work among the members of the Executive Council reflected the outcomes of the meeting into a tangible reality by starting to work on diversifying the organization’s sources of income, developing financing channels, preparing a partnership strategy for the organization, amending the rules of procedure of the Executive Council to increase the effectiveness of its role in supporting the organization in facing its challenges, and preparing a strategic plan for media and marketing for the organization. And the preparation of a comprehensive study of the awards and their evaluation, in addition to the accession of ALECSO to the General Assembly of the Arab Awards Forum.

This movement comes as an affirmation of Saudi Arabia’s interest in ALECSO and its active role in the Arab world, and its keenness to achieve the organization’s goals, which will be reflected on member states, and to harness the opportunities and possibilities through employing Saudi cultural and scientific gains and initiatives to benefit from them in the organization’s fields of work on the one hand, and to invest what has been reached The ALECSO system includes qualitative programs and practices by the relevant Saudi institutions and the exchange of experiences and expertise on the other hand, within the framework of the integration of the member states’ efforts towards achieving joint cultural and scientific programs and achievements.

Information about ALECSO and an overview of the efforts of the Saudi role in it:

1- The Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALECSO).

Founded in 1970.

It operates within the framework of the League of Arab States.

It is based in Tunisia.

– It works in the fields of: (heritage and culture, education, science and scientific research, and information and communication).

2- ALECSO goals:

– Coordinating Arab efforts in the fields of education, culture and science.

Supporting the exchange of expertise and experiences of member states.

– Coordinating the efforts of Arabic language academies and issuing specialized multilingual dictionaries.

– Promote Arab thought and culture and introduce Arab and Islamic culture.

– Developing scientific research and supporting joint cooperation between Arab scientists and researchers.

Encouraging the establishment of institutes concerned with Arab and Islamic civilization.

Coordinating the efforts of civil society institutions and involving them in the educational, cultural and scientific process.

Preserving, protecting and disseminating the tangible and intangible heritage.

3- What is the role of the ALECSO Executive Council?

1) The Executive Council prepares the agenda for the General Assembly and the General Conference, and studies the organization’s work program and budget estimates required for it.

2) The Executive Council shall take all necessary measures to ensure the implementation of the programs by the Director General and in accordance with the decisions of the General Assembly.

3) In the period between the regular sessions of the General Assembly, the General Conference, the Executive Council presents the technical opinion to the Economic and Social Council, upon its request, on the issues of interest to the Council.

4) The Executive Council discusses vital files such as the Director General’s report on the implementation of the organization’s programs and activities outside the programmes, the educational, cultural and scientific conditions, the Arab plan for education in case of emergency and crises, and the adoption of the organization’s draft strategy.

4- Saudi Arabia’s role in the organization:

The relationship between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and ALECSO extends back to 51 years since the establishment of the organization, and it has recently witnessed remarkable activity through a number of activities related to the work of the organization, as the cultural sector in the Kingdom has proven its unprecedented readiness and readiness in preparing and creating a number of activities and initiatives And cultural events, despite the difficult conditions the world was going through as a result of the pandemic, which reflects the Kingdom’s great interest in everything related to cultural activity in its comprehensiveness, and its deep role in achieving the visions of countries and the rapprochement of Arab peoples and creating more common opportunities and aspects of cooperation through culture and science.

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