Riyad Mahrez or Mohamed Salah? .. Ronaldinho chooses the best

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The visit of retired Brazilian football star Ronaldinho to Tunisia witnessed a great welcome from the general public, especially children and youth who went to take souvenir photos with the best player in the world in 2005.

On Saturday, May 21, Ronaldinho toured several ancient Tunisian streets, most notably the tourist town of Sidi Bou Said and Habib Bourguiba Street in the center of the capital.

Amid strict security measures, the 2002 World Champion spoke with the Seleção team, in quick statements to Tunisian journalists and in the presence of a winwin reporter, about the reasons for his visit to Tunisia, which came at the invitation of his friend, rapper Karim Gharbi, known in the media as “K2rhym”.

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Ronaldinho spoke about his opinion on the level of Tunisian football and Tunisia’s chances in the Qatar World Cup 2022, as well as the brilliance of the two Arab stars, the Algerian Riyad Mahrez, the Manchester City player, and Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool winger.

Ronaldinho praises the development of football in Tunisia: I hope the Carthage Eagles achieve their goals in Qatar

The former star of Barcelona and AC Milan expressed his great happiness at his first visit to Tunisia, which was aimed at promoting tourism, Tunisian products and the country’s image in the world. He said in this regard: “I am happy to visit Tunisia, where I enjoyed visiting many beautiful places… I also tasted many One of the most delicious Tunisian dishes, so I say that this visit will not be the last to Tunisia.

Ronaldinho commented on the chances of the Carthage Eagles in the World Cup and the level of Tunisian football, saying: “I know Tunisian football well, and I realize the extent of its development, as I played with Salim Ben Achour in Paris Saint-Germain .. Tunisia will participate in the World Cup, and will face strong teams (France and Denmark). But all teams have a chance to shine in the World Cup, and the chances are equal among all teams.. I wish Tunisia to achieve its goals in Qatar, which has prepared well to host these finals.”

Ronaldinho praises Mahrez and Salah and refuses to compare them

Arabs are always proud of having a group of distinguished players in the largest European football clubs, on top of those names are the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, and the Algerian Riyad Mahrez, the Manchester City star.

Ronaldinho and his friend, Tunisian rapper Karim Gharbi, known in the media as “K2rhym”

And about the best between Mahrez and Salah, Ronaldinho responded to a journalist’s question by saying: “The two are together. Each of them has the same level,” before adding: “There is no one better than the other.”

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