Masrawy reveals the full story of Al-Ahly’s negotiations with Bencharki |  Arab News

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Books – Abdel Hakim Taha:

The name of the Moroccan Ashraf Bencharki, the wing of Zamalek club, was often associated with the move to Al-Ahly, by entering the period of the green mark to negotiate with any other club away from the White Castle since last January.

The contract of the 28-year-old Moroccan international expires on September 24 with Zamalek at the end of the current season, but the player – according to sources – confirms that he has the right to leave on June 30.

Rumors have been chasing the transfer file of Bencharki to Al-Ahly over the past months, especially from January, to the extent that some went to the point that the player reached an actual agreement and signed contracts.

The Yalla Kora reporter learned that Bencharki’s connection to Al-Ahly was not the result of the past months, as some have been saying, but it has been for a long time, and it is a surprise to everyone.

A source said, in exclusive statements to Laila Koura, that the player has already entered Al-Ahly’s accounts as a distinguished player and his contract expires at the end of the current season, and he has the right to sign for any club since last January.

He added, “Al-Ahly did not move towards Bencharki and sought him, as well as the player. Some mediators flirted with the two parties and were a major reason for the convergence of desires.”

He explained: “Bancharqi is related to his friendship with his fellow Al-Ahly defender Badr Banoon, and they were sitting together. Without a doubt, things touched on the nature of the Red Castle’s dealings with Bannon.”

And the source continued: “This is not all there is to it, but Al-Ahly’s winning of continental titles, participation in the World Cup for Clubs, financial and administrative stability, and many other things that preoccupied the professional Moroccan star.”

He continued: “In January 2021, after the African Champions League final match between the two poles, Bencharki suffered from not getting his dues, and some tried to intervene to persuade Al-Ahly to negotiate with the player.”

He continued: “At this time, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahly, decided not to enter into any negotiation with a player in Zamalek, while respecting the great value of Bencharki.”

And the source explained: “Al-Ahly refused to exploit the tension in the relationship between the player and his club at the time when he sent a warning because of his dues, and the situation was repeated last June, but Al-Khatib did not change his position, refusing to negotiate with any player in Zamalek as long as he is linked to a contract with his club.”

And he continued: “Things have changed now and the player is free and has the right to move to any club without referring to Zamalek, and if Al-Ahly does not include him, he will undoubtedly have resolved his position and will leave, whether internally or externally.”

He revealed: “Amir Tawfiq, the director of contracts in Al-Ahly, came out to deny the fact of obtaining a signature in Sharqi, which is true, but it is more correct that the signing did not take place, and there is an actual agreement between the two parties, and some frills remain, the first of which is related to the financial value, as Al-Ahly officials see that the required number is relatively large.”

And the source concluded: “Ashraf Bencharki is a great player with great capabilities, and it is the piece that Al-Ahly’s squad is missing, and the Red Team has been searching for it since Ramadan Sobhi left for Pyramids, which club officials realize apart from the coach’s request, Pitso Mosimane, to include the player or not, but no one guarantees.” His place is in light of the recent decline in performance, and it is certain that the file was not closed and only the closing chapter remains.”

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