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Milan returned to the podiums by winning the Italian League title 2022/2021, after its 3-0 victory over Sassuolo in the match that was held between them on Sunday, May 22, to calculate the 38 (last) round of the championship, to regain the title absent from its coffers since the 2011 season. 2010.

And he raised his score to 86 points, two points ahead of Inter, who won another match that was held at the same time against Sampdoria 3-0, to strip Milan, its neighbor Inter, of the title they won last season.

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How many trophies does Milan have in the Italian League?

Milan won the Italian league title for the 19th time in its history, and the first time since the 2011/2010 season, to compensate for the disappointment of last season, which ended in second place behind its neighbor Inter.

This is the third time that Milan crowned the Italian League title since 2000, after winning the championship title in the 2004/2003 season and in the 2011/2010 season, and won for the first time the championship title in the 1901/1900 season.

Who is the team that won the most Italian league title?

Milan is in second place in the list of clubs with the most titles in the Italian league, equal to Inter, with 19 titles each, and Juventus, which is the most crowned club with 36 titles, comes in first place, with 36 titles, the last of which was in the 2019/2020 season.

Third place is occupied by Genoa, which won the championship 9 times, the last of which was in the 1924/1923 season, and it is also the club that won the first edition of the championship in 1898.

How many titles Milan in the Italian Serie A?

Milan won the Italian Serie A title twice in its history; The first was in the 1981/1980 season, and the second was in the 1983/1982 season.

How many titles Milan in the Italian Cup?

Milan won the Italian Cup 5 times in its history, the first time in the 1967/1966 season, and the last in the 2003/2022 season, and has not won the Cup since then.

Milan was satisfied with reaching the semi-finals of the current season’s edition of the Italian Cup, before being eliminated by its neighbor Inter, who won 3-0 home after a 0-0 tie in the first leg, and then crowned the championship title after beating its arch-rivals Juventus 4-2.

How many titles Milan in the Italian Super Cup?

Milan won the Italian Super Cup 7 times in its history, winning it for the first time in the 1989/1988 season, and the last time it won the championship title in the 2016/2017 season.

How many domestic leagues for Milan?

ChampionshipThe number of titles
Italian Leauge19
Italian Serie A2
Italian Cup5
Italian Super Cup7

How many trophies does AC Milan have in the Champions League?

AC Milan is the second club with the most Champions League titles behind Real Madrid; The Rossoneri won the European Championship 7 times, to take second place behind Real Madrid, who won the championship 13 times, and are competing to win the title of the current version with Liverpool, who previously won the championship 6 times.

Milan won the Champions League for the first time in its history in the 1963/1962 season, and the last time it won the European title was in the 2006/2007 season.

Milan won the European Super Cup twice, the European Cup Winners’ Cup (currently the European League) twice as well, and the Club World Cup 4 times.

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