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In recent years, Liverpool returned to the podiums, after being far from them, especially in the major tournaments such as the English Premier League and the European Champions League for many years, and became a strong contender for all titles.

Liverpool FC is one of the old continent’s top footballers throughout the history of football, as it achieved many records and championships that many of its peers failed to achieve, and whether at the local or continental level, you will always find it present in the lists of the most winning.

Here we will review a small part of this history full of achievements, and we will learn together how many times Liverpool won the English Premier League, whether before or after entering English football.

Liverpool celebrate the English Premier League title 2019-20 season One win

How many trophies does Liverpool have in the English Premier League?

Liverpool is the second most winning club in the English Premier League in the history of the competition, having won the title on 19 previous occasions, the last of which was in the 2019-2020 season, which is the longest in the history of football.

Only Manchester United is ahead of Liverpool in the ranking of the most winning teams in the competition, and the difference between them is only one title. The Red Devils lifted the cup on 20 previous occasions.

However, there is something that may be hidden from some Reds fans, which is that most of the number of Liverpool’s championships in the English Premier League came before the entry into professionalism in English football, while the number of titles in the Premier League is much less.

Liverpool celebrate the English Premier League title 2019-20 season One win

How many times has Liverpool won the English Premier League?

The first edition of the English Premier League was launched in 1888, that is, more than 130 years ago in which the format of the tournament changed on more than one occasion, and witnessed the relegation and rise of different teams throughout this period.

In 1893 the competition developed and was called the English Premier League, and it continued in this way for about 100 years, as it was modified and placed on top of the leagues around the world.

Liverpool won the English Premier League before 1992 on 18 occasions, and entered the professional era and is the historical champion of the most important tournament in Britain as a whole.

How many times has Liverpool won the Premier League?

When we call the English Premier League, we are talking about the most powerful competition among the world’s leagues, starting in 1992, when the professional system entered English football and the name of the league changed to this name.

Since the beginning of the Premier League, Liverpool have failed to win any version for a long period of nearly two decades, but he finally managed to win his first title in the Premier League in 2019-20, and added his nineteenth title of the championship in all its names.

Liverpool Championships in the English Premier League

ChampionshipThe number of titles
English Premier League18
English Premier League1
Liverpool Championships in the English Premier League19

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