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The electricity sector in America is preparing to face a very severe season that includes several weather phenomena that threaten the regularity of the electricity current and push towards expectations that the networks will be disrupted throughout the country.

Some states have already begun to suffer; In recent weeks, California and Texas have received warnings from the network regulator, indicating the possibility of long-term outages due to temperatures rising to record levels.

Despite the different manifestations of climate change facing the electricity sector in the country and its diversity; They agree among themselves that they enhance the demand for electricity and pressure on the grid.

Electricity disturbances in America

The North American Electricity Reliability Corporation issued a warning bell, warning that the country would be exposed to power outages due to weather and climatic conditions that included high temperatures, in addition to the exposure of large areas to drought.

Electricity in America
Rising temperatures threaten to cut off electricity in America – photo from Dallas Morning News

The corporation – which works as a regulator of America’s electricity grid and its infrastructure – confirmed that the expected weather and weather conditions may lead to disruption of the network’s work in large areas of the country, according to the website “Live 5 News” concerned with broadcasting the news of the South Carolina TV station.

The corporation explained that achieving a balance in the country’s electricity system during the summer requires network operators in the affected areas to take advantage of all available tools.

The director of reliability assessments at the organization, Mark Olson, stressed that in addition to immediate action, network administrators and stakeholders monitoring the efficiency and capacity of resources must take into account potential weather and climatic conditions.

He stressed that taking into account such urgent changes ensures that the electricity sector in America continues to enjoy a reliable and flexible system.

Atmospheric and climatic changes

Some US states have begun to record weather and climatic changes that affected the performance of the country’s electricity grid; Most notably, California and Texas are exposed to unprecedented levels of high temperatures.

Expectations were not limited to keeping pace with the US states for a harsh summer, but also extended to climate predictions by the end of the season, such as active forest fires expected in western America and Canada, which greatly threaten the reliability of the electricity networks in America, according to the Foundation report.

The report excluded the southeastern regions of America from the risks of power outages due to high temperatures or wildfires, but these areas received a warning of another kind.

Weather experts warned that these areas will be subject to a wave of hurricanes that exceed their usual average annual rate from the beginning of June until the end of November.

According to experts’ expectations, these regions may face 19 storms during the next season; Including 9 storms that may turn into hurricanes, and meteorologists believe that 4 of those hurricanes may reach the third degree or more, indicating their magnitude and impact.

Risk assessment

The North American Electricity Reliability Corporation has conducted an assessment of the readiness of the country’s electricity grids to meet these climate and weather changes, and their ability to meet demand in light of rising temperatures.

The Reliability Foundation has monitored that areas at risk and power outages during the summer months suffer from disruptions in supply chains and operational challenges for new resource and transportation projects.

Supply chain disruptions have affected the availability of fuel to run some electricity generators; Including those working in coal.

And renewable energy sources were not immune from dangers; As weather and climatic changes indicate a possible disruption of the solar energy resource and clean electricity; What raises concern about the reliability of America’s power grids.

On the other hand, cybersecurity risks – across Russia – and other similar risks threaten the critical infrastructure of America’s electricity sector.

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