Does the “A quarter of an hour” perfumer fit the air conditioners?!

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Education departments in Saudi Arabia implemented the ministry’s decision to advance the start of the morning work in all schools by a quarter of an hour, starting from yesterday (Sunday), so that the morning queuing begins at (6:45) in the morning, with the first class starting at (7:00) in the morning. The concerned authorities attributed the application to the high weather and the advent of summer, and the dates vary from one city to another according to its circumstances. The Ministry of Education granted education directors in the regions and governorates the authority to determine the start time of the school day in coordination with the concerned authorities in the region or governorate. The third semester of the current academic year. Some viewed the education departments’ decision as an attempt to salvage what could be saved for families’ three long and exhausting classrooms. They said that the climatic conditions of the Kingdom in the summer were not taken into account, in which high temperatures prevail and almost exceed 50 degrees in some cities.

Preventing work under the hot sun.. What about the students?

Muhammad Al-Maliki wonders about the desired benefit of continuing studies in the summer amid high and dangerous temperatures, adding that it is forbidden to work below 50 degrees and punishes those who violate this. high heat? Al-Maliki added that some schools suffer in their classrooms from the low level of air-conditioning and its weakness, which threatens students in each class, especially with the development work taking place in Jeddah. Al-Maliki is surprised by the decision to provide the morning queue and wonders again: what is useful in the high temperatures, and what will the Ministry of Education do in climatic conditions in the summer such as dust and dust and the exciting surface wind activity that many regions will suffer from.

Abdullah Al-Ghamdi believes that the decisions that introduced the morning queue are a solution, but it is not practical if we know that there are thousands of students who receive their education in the evening shift, and their school shift starts at midday, sweltering 12:30 and 1:00 in the afternoon. He added, wondering what the students do in classrooms that suffer from poor cooling, which turns their classrooms into hot plates and an “oven” that negatively affects their achievement and concentration. Al-Ghamdi expressed his hope to look objectively at the time of students in the evening period, which begins with the sun medium in the sky and the temperature at its peak.

Zaki Al-Hamdi joins the question file and adds: Do male and female students really benefit from their academic achievement amid high temperatures, and is the educational process actually feasible? He comments, “The perfumer will not fix what the summer has spoiled.”

He added that his son studies in the evening shift, and suffers both times every day because he goes in the middle of the sun. “I work as an employee in the government sector and my shift varies through shifts, which requires my son to go to school on foot and at a temperature approaching 50 degrees. How do I expect that His academic achievement is, and why are their shifts not reconsidered, like other students of the morning period?

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