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Books – Omar Qura:

14 points separated Manchester City and Liverpool in the English Premier League table, but the difference is now one point during the last round that takes place tonight at one time to decide the 2021/2022 Premier League title holder.

The fans are waiting for the decisive round in the Premier League when it starts at five in the evening amid an exciting struggle between Manchester City and Liverpool for the title, as the first will play against Aston Villa, and the latter will be late by a point against Wolverhampton.

But back in January, many believed that the title race was over, especially as Manchester City were slipping away from their rivals after widening the gap with Liverpool to 14 points after a 1-0 victory over Chelsea.

Liverpool were at that time stumbled in three consecutive away matches, failing to win after drawing 2-2 in Chelsea and Tottenham and a shock 1-0 defeat by Leicester City on Boxing Day.

Premier League table until January 2nd:

Manchester City – 56 points (22 games)

Chelsea – 43 points (22 games)

Liverpool – 42 points (20 games)

West Ham – 37 points (21 games)

Arsenal – 35 points (20 games)

Tottenham – 33 points (18 games)

Although Liverpool had two matches in hand, even the eight-point difference seemed difficult to make up for in front of Pep Guardiola’s side, who were on a steady pace with their 12th win in a row against Chelsea in mid-January.

While City were leading the race to win their fourth title in the last five seasons, they began wasting points with a draw against Southampton, before faltering in two matches in February, losing to Tottenham in a deadly time and drawing with Crystal Palace.

On the other hand, since January 2, Liverpool have drawn only two out of 17 matches, one of which was when they drew in an epic confrontation with City 2-2 last April, and the second against Tottenham 1-1 this month.

The tie in the West Ham United and Manchester City match left the conflict continuing with Liverpool with only one point separating the two teams in the last round of the current season, so that the Reds hoped to make up for this difference by achieving a surprise.

Liverpool needs to win against Wolverhampton and wait for City to stumble in a loss or draw with Aston Villa in order to achieve the title, and there is another scenario, but it is “unrealistic” which is a draw for Liverpool, provided that City lose more than six goals.

There is only one case in which he will play a play-off match, which is the defeat of Manchester City by six goals and the draw of Liverpool by five goals for each team. At this moment, the two teams will be tied in the number of goals and points.

Manchester City also outperforms Liverpool on goal difference, so we see that Manchester City is the closest to the coronation, but all things are still on the field.

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