Autumn for "Okaz": Saudi Arabia's production of cars will exceed 300,000

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The Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Bandar Al-Khorayef told Okaz that by 2030, Saudi Arabia’s production of cars is expected to exceed 300,000 cars, pointing out that the car industry is an important industry, and that the Kingdom is one of the countries with a large consumption of cars.

He pointed out that the importance of the auto industry lies in the chain and supplies it creates, from raw materials and aluminum to spare parts and products related to petrochemicals, such as rubber, plastics and others, as it is an industry that creates great opportunities.

Al-Khorayef said during his sponsorship of the graduation ceremony of 450 trainees from the Food Industries Institute for the year 2020-2022, in Al-Kharj Governorate, in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Eng. Osama bin Abdulaziz Al-Zamil, CEO of the Food and Drug Authority, Dr. Hisham Al-Jadhai, Governor of Al-Kharj Musaed bin Abdullah Al-Madhi, and a number of CEOs of food sector companies: “Attracting a company like Lucid is proof that the Kingdom has the ability to attract investments not only to meet local needs, But also for exports, as the company aims to export 85% of the factory’s production in King Abdullah Economic City, and this is evidence of the Kingdom’s ability to export, whether from its geographical location or the advantages it has in terms of infrastructure, ports and others, and now the financial empowerment such as the Export Bank, all these factors are encouraging There are also new investments.

He added: “Today we are in a specialized training institute, which is a vivid example of how industry, whether the private or government sector, can work together to create specialized institutes that aim to provide opportunities for our sons and daughters, and this is the real guarantee of sustainable industrial investments, and we aim through these partnerships and through this work. Especially after the decision of the Council of Ministers to transfer the localization of jobs to the specialized ministries, including the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, and we work closely with this sector and its workers, and with training institutes and successful experiences to ensure the plan of investors in existing projects to have the appropriate workforce when projects start in production.”

Al-Khorayef noted the presence of human capabilities and well-studied paths with the private sector, and the possibility of harmonizing the labor market with human needs.

He stated, “One of the advantages of this institute is that all trainees have signed work contracts, and we are trying to repeat this experience in other specialized institutes to increase the number of these institutes, whether by receiving trainees or graduates and by working with the private sector. There is also a scholarship track, which is a promising and specialized track.” Sending skills to companies and specialized institutes, and we will work with these institutes to strengthen their relations with high-level institutes specialized in other sectors.”

The Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources stressed that the human element is of great importance to push forward the plans for the advancement of the industrial sector in its various activities, which requires the presence of rare specializations that keep pace with the needs of the labor market, praising what he witnessed of high efficiency and enthusiasm among graduates to interact and contribute to the quality of food manufacturing in Saudi factories. .

Al-Khorayef praised the strategic shift of the Food Industries Institute, which aims to localize technical and specialized jobs in the food industry sector, and push qualified graduates with different professional specializations that keep pace with the needs of the industrial sector and the labor market. .

It is noteworthy that the number of graduates of the Institute of Food Industries has reached 450 trainees in three majors and five sub-specialties, including food production techniques, with a diploma in bakery, a diploma in juices and dairy, and farm technologies, in addition to the maintenance major, which includes heavy and light equipment and vehicles; In the field of electricity and air conditioning.

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