Ask Amy: Woman’s sexuality becomes factor in breakup

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Dear Amy: I have a 17-year-old daughter who identifies as a male.

I am OK with this. I am a Christian and attend a traditional Methodist church.

I am involved in a lot of church events, but my child is not.

I am not sure how the church is going to react to my child’s transition. I also don’t know how my side of the family will react. I had one guy from the church already make a comment about my teen wearing a tux to the prom.

I told people that she doesn’t do dresses, which is true.

My question is — how do I support my daughter/son and also hold on to my church?

— Confused Mom

Dear Confused Mom: If your child identifies as a male, then he is not a daughter/son — but a son.

This gender transition is also a transition for you, and you should continue along this path by using your child’s preferred pronoun.

Regarding your church, this may seem like a complex doctrinal or cultural issue, but it’s not!

You have one child.

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