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Paris Saint-Germain finally resolved the conflict over French star Kilian Mbappe by announcing the extension of his contract for 3 years, in a news that sparked the joy of the Parisian fans, and led to a shock to the royal fans, who believed that the star crowned in the World Cup 2018 was on his way to the ranks Her team to be the icon of the “new Bernabéu” and the next star of the team.

After the victory of Paris in the battle to extend Mbappe, it can be said that a new stage of the conflict will begin between two giants, one of whom is older, experienced, and crowned with titles and strives to remain at the top, resisting the factors of aging, which is Real Madrid under the leadership of its veteran president Florentino Perez, armed with the new stadium project, And the other, a young man with enthusiasm and vitality, to rise to the top and pull the rug out of the royal, which is Paris Saint-Germain, led by its young president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

After the dismissal of Leonardo's sporting director, will Pochettino leave Paris Saint-Germain because of Kylian Mbappe?

Perhaps the most prominent feature that will distinguish the next stage of the conflict between the two giants, is that Paris Saint-Germain will move from the defense stage to the attack, after it succeeded in the last period in immunizing its stars from the ambitions of Real Madrid and before that Barcelona, ​​​​who lost the Brazilian Neymar Jr. and the Argentine Lionel Messi, after he was He dreams of including the star of Paris, the Italian Marco Verratti.

After Barcelona exited the summit conflict early, the conflict will be limited to the Paris giant and its Spanish counterpart, who will be forced to shrink back to immunize his stars after he failed to bring Mbappe to his ranks.

So that the Kylian Mbappe scenario is not repeated.. Paris Saint-Germain options to deter Real Madrid

Paris Saint-Germain has many former Real Madrid stars in its ranks; Such as the Spaniard Sergio Ramos, the Moroccan Achraf Hakimi, the Costa Rican Keylor Navas, and the Argentine Angel Di Maria (he will leave at the end of the current season), and it is possible that Cristiano Ronaldo will join them, in light of his Manchester United’s failure to qualify for the Champions League.

And it is possible that the Parisian include their former coach, Zinedine Zidane, in light of the news of the imminent ouster of the current Paris coach, Argentine Mauricio Pochettino, and if this is achieved, Paris will literally bring Madrid to the French capital instead of allowing Mbappe to go. to the Spanish club.

Looking at the elements that the current Real Madrid team includes, the Brazilian Vinicius Junior appears to be the most luminous among the young talents owned by the team, but his contract expires in the summer of 2024, and then Neymar will have reached 32 years old, and only one year will remain in his contract, so it is possible Paris agreed with Fini not to extend his contract and then two years later brought him to Paris with an irresistible offer.

Paris also has in its options, imposing a siege on the riyal in the Mercato and depriving it of contracting with the most prominent stars in the coming years, which will gradually limit the quality of the elements of the royal team, which has so far been unable to compensate stars with the value of Croatian Luka Modric and French Karim Benzema, and he could not even Now providing top-class stars in positions such as the right wing, right-back, left-back and pivot, and if he is unable to provide alternatives in the coming period, it is possible to watch him descend from the top, leaving it to new forces that have the capabilities to impose their control, such as Paris Saint-Germain.

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