The Golden State Warriors defeated the Dallas Mavericks in the first round of the NBA Western Conference Final on Thursday night, May 19th, with a big win 112-87.

The Warriors maintained their unbeaten record at home in the playoffs and advanced 1-0 in the series that is decided on the basis of the best in seven games. The Mavericks usually continued to lose in the first match in the playoffs this season, as it had previously been repeated against Utah Gas and then Phoenix Suns.

But the Mavericks will need major changes in their attack in order to recover in the second match on Friday, May 20. It was expected that the Warriors would be the best at the beginning of the match, but the strange thing was in the identity of the brilliance in the team.

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Instead of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in the lead, Kevin Looney and Andrew Wiggins were the best.. Wiggins scored ten points, while Looney added eight points, in addition to his possession of three rebounds in the attack, to end the Warriors first quarter, leading 28-18.

The main reason for the Mavericks’ decline in the first quarter was the team’s contentment with scoring three three-pointers out of 11 attempts.. The Warriors consolidated their advantage to 12 points at the beginning of the second quarter, but it seemed that the Mavericks found offensive solutions led by Luka Doncic to reduce the result to 35-33.

Cree’s performance improved and scored his first three-pointer in the match in the last minute of the second quarter, to end the first half in favor of the Warriors 54-45. After the Mavericks scored their first two points, Thompson seemed to feel the need for the Warriors with Cree to score 10 points in a row and lead 64-47.

Thompson’s brilliance continued, who did not score any point in the first half, and scored nine of the next 11 points for the Warriors, in which the homeowner imposed complete control of the match.. Steve Kerr, the Warriors coach, succeeded in the defense, as he closed the bottom of the basket to the Mavericks and forced him to settle for three-pointers. The team’s suffering continued, as it scored 11 of 48 triple attempts against 19 of 39 in its seventh game victory over the Phoenix Suns earlier this week.

The Warriors started the last quarter with 8 consecutive points to lead 98-69, but the best thing for coach Kerr is that Curry does not need to be on the field and gives him a longer rest.

Mavericks coach Jason Kidd surrendered in the last five minutes of the match and took out all his key players. All the Warriors’ starting line-up players finished the match with at least 10 points, led by Cree with 21 points. Doncic was the most scored in the Mavericks with 20 points. Among them was only one successful attempt on the basket in the second half.

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