The Sudanese Premier League clubs directed violent criticism of the Football Association due to the programming of matches in the afternoon under high temperatures, and a number of club coaches confirmed that they were harmed by performing matches on bad stadiums that are not suitable for football, and in a hot atmosphere, and demanded the Competitions Committee to intervene urgently and change the date of the matches to be played in the evening period.

Ibrahima: The Football Association shortens the period of players in the stadiums

And the technical director of Al-Marikh Club Ibrahim Hussein, “Ibrahuma”, revealed that the Federation’s Competitions Committee is causing a shortening of the players’ period in the stadiums, and severe injuries due to the pressure calendar that it set, and forcing clubs to perform matches at half past three in the afternoon under high temperatures.

Ibrahima explained that the hot atmosphere that the country is currently going through has not been seen in recent history, stressing that his team missed the efforts of 16 players due to injury, after a large number of them were subjected to unparalleled fatigue. It is limited to clubs only, but will extend to the national team as well.

Nader Haboub: We couldn’t even sit on the bench

Hilal Al-Sahel coach, Nader Haboub, said that the competitions committee is required to change the current calendar and transfer the matches to be held in the evening period, indicating that his team was forced to shorten the “warm-up” period a few minutes before the match due to the high temperatures.

Haboub noted that the technical staff found it very difficult to sit on the seats, stressing that they pity the players inside the stadium, and revealed that the stadiums are not qualified to host matches, noting that one of the players fell ill the day after their match against Mars due to fatigue and high temperatures, and warned The competitions are required to urgently intervene and shift the matches to the evening period, in order to avoid the expected damage that will occur to the clubs due to the bad ground of the stadiums and the high temperatures.

Great excitement dominates the Al-Hilal and Al-Marreikh matches in Sudan (alhilalsc.official)

It is noteworthy that the Football Association issued a pressing calendar for the second section of the league competition, with an interval of 72 hours, and announced that all matches of the round will be held in one day, with 4 matches in the afternoon and the same in the evening .. The capital, Khartoum, is witnessing a sharp rise in temperatures in the current period.

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