Saudi Arabia confirms that it has taken important steps to enhance food security and growth

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirmed that it has taken important steps to enhance food security, and has developed strategies aimed at promoting food growth and facing the challenges of climate change and the scarcity of water resources. These efforts have contributed to improving food security indicators in the Kingdom.

This came in the Kingdom’s speech delivered on behalf of Prince Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Engineer Walid bin Abdul Karim Al-Khuraiji, during the Ministerial Conference on Global Food Security, which the United States of America called for today at the United Nations.

His Excellency thanked the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, for convening this important ministerial meeting to highlight one of the most important challenges facing the world today, which is global food security.

Eng. Al-Khuraiji said: The challenges facing the international community require strengthening international multilateral cooperation. The common challenge we face today, which is the threat to food security, has proven that the path towards sustainable recovery depends on our cooperation in order to confront it.

He stated that while the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations represent a model and a development approach adopted by the governments of countries to meet the aspirations of their people and to achieve a better and more sustainable future, and despite the levels of progress achieved by the development process since its inception, achieving these goals has become a matter Very difficult, as global forecasts and indicators show a deviation in the path towards achieving the second goal of the sustainable development goals, which includes eradicating hunger.

His Excellency pointed out that there are a number of challenges and risks that pose a real threat to the completion of the development process and to global food security.

He added: Among the challenges are global health challenges, which are represented in the spread of epidemics, as the spread of the “Covid-19” pandemic revealed to us the fragility of the international system in combating a virus that is not visible to the naked eye, which led to severe disturbances that affected societies and economies, and had effects devastating to people’s lives and livelihoods; And on the economic indicators, as their trajectory was reversed from rise to sharp decline.

He indicated that it negatively affected the hard-won development gains, as it caused a decrease in food needs globally, and led to a significant rise in the level of food insecurity, especially in the poorest countries.

And he went on to say: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, emphasizing the human right to live in dignity within a healthy, sustainable and integrated environment, in which all amenities are available, has made great efforts in leading the global response to that pandemic that accompanied the Kingdom’s presidency of the Group of Twenty, and my country supported global efforts to confront this pandemic. In the amount of 500 million US dollars, in addition to providing 300 million dollars to assist the efforts of countries in addressing the pandemic, in addition to the great humanitarian efforts it provided to the countries most in need to confront the negative effects of the pandemic.

Al-Khuraiji pointed out that among the challenges are environmental challenges and climate change, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia pays great attention to protecting the planet and biodiversity and preserving healthy ecosystems, which is a major reason for maintaining food security.

He explained that the Kingdom’s ambitious vision 2030 focused within sustainable development efforts on building a sustainable agricultural sector, strengthening sectors that support food systems, developing systems and improving agricultural productivity, and worked to strengthen research and innovation capabilities to ensure sustainable progress in food security.

And he added: The Kingdom realizes the importance of concerted efforts in order to confront environmental challenges, and from this standpoint, it has presented qualitative initiatives of importance to the region and the world as a whole, and has become a road map to confront these challenges, most notably the Green Saudi Initiatives and the Green Middle East, and the circular economy for carbon and emissions management, which would Providing an effective and influential contribution to achieving international goals in this field and mitigating the effects of climate change.

And he indicated that among the challenges are security challenges and armed conflicts, which are the most prominent and most dangerous challenges because of the direct threat they pose to the process of development and to global food security, and the matter gets worse when conflicts and wars intensify, as it is not possible to achieve development nor empower youth and women without achieving peace It is also not possible to eradicate poverty and hunger without achieving security and stability, and it is not possible to advance the economy without achieving justice and eliminating corruption.

His Excellency Eng. Al-Khuraiji reiterated that the Kingdom’s foreign policy attaches great importance to the consolidation of security and stability, support for dialogue and peaceful solutions, and the provision of conditions that support development and achieve the aspirations of peoples for a better tomorrow, whether in the Middle East or in the whole world, and this is evidenced by peace efforts The Kingdom is making efforts to reach this end.

He stressed that the Kingdom attaches great importance to development issues and humanitarian efforts that contribute to supporting developing countries and the most needy in order to enhance their sustainability, support them to address common challenges and risks, enhance their food security and eradicate hunger and poverty in implementation of the second goal of the sustainable development goals.

He said: Proceeding from its humanitarian and pioneering role and sensing its responsibilities towards the international community, the Kingdom has always affirmed its commitment to this great role in helping the most needy countries and countries affected by natural disasters and humanitarian crises. It is the largest donor of humanitarian and development aid at the Arab and Islamic levels, and one of the three largest donors at the international level.

At the conclusion of the speech, His Excellency Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eng. Al-Khuraiji drew attention to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s emphasis on the importance of strengthening the values ​​of pluralism and international cooperation stipulated in the Charter of the United Nations, in order to achieve sustainable development plans and goals and to overcome the increasing international challenges to reach a more inclusive and just world and to promote prosperity and prosperity for the peoples, and we are certain that we can overcome this crisis without leaving anyone behind.

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