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12:17 PM

Thursday 19 May 2022


Liverpool Football Club, still competing for the quartet this season, has announced that it will celebrate the season’s achievements the day after the Champions League final takes place.

Liverpool have already won the League Cup and the FA Cup this season, and are still in the competition for the English Premier League and Champions League titles.

The conflict between Liverpool and Manchester City for the English Premier League title will be resolved through the last thirty-eighth stage of the competition, while Liverpool will meet with Real Madrid in the Champions League final scheduled in the French capital, Paris.

The Champions League final will take place on May 28, and Liverpool will then return to England to celebrate the achievements of what could become a historic season for them, on May 29.

The Liverpool women’s team will also participate in the celebration ceremony, as it won the English Women’s League.

Liverpool Mayor Joan Anderson said: “We are delighted to now announce that the team’s celebratory parade across the city will certainly take place on May 29, and I am thrilled that we will be celebrating the achievements of both our men’s and women’s teams.

She added, “There is a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes in preparation for an event of this size and importance, and it is wonderful that the city will go through this experience.”

“Winning the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup as well as the Women’s Premier League are great achievements that deserve recognition, and we hope that these are not the only achievements that we will celebrate on that day.”

She added: “Whatever the outcome of the end of the season (in the English Premier League) and the outcome of the Champions League final, the Liverpool men’s and women’s teams have already achieved what makes us proud, and we will give both teams the celebration of return they deserve.”

The festivities will begin at 4pm local time (1500 GMT), and Liverpool added in a statement that the morning of May 29 will be used to commemorate the 39 fans who lost their lives during the Heysel stadium disaster, which will be 37 years ago on that day.

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