Jordan: Restricting Prince Hamzah's communications, residence and movements... His destructive behavior endangered the stability of the country

The Jordanian Royal Court announced, in a statement published today (Thursday), the approval of the council’s recommendation, formed under the Royal Family Law, to restrict Prince Hamzah’s contacts, residence and movements, which the council submitted to King Abdullah II since December 23, 2021.

The King of Jordan sent a message to his citizens in which he said:

“I am writing to you in the hope of turning a dark page in the history of our country and our family. As you know, when the details of the “sedition” case were revealed last year, I chose to deal with my brother Prince Hamzah within the framework of our family, in the hope that he would realize his mistake and come to his senses, as an active member of our Hashemite family. However, after a year and a half, during which he exhausted all opportunities to return to his senses and adhere to the biography of our family, I came to the disappointing conclusion that he will not change what he is. This conviction took root in me after every act and every word of my little brother whom I had always looked upon as a father to his son. I was sure that he lives in an illusion that he sees himself as the guardian of our Hashemite heritage, and that he is being subjected to a systematic targeting campaign by our institutions. His repeated addresses reflected his state of denial of the reality he is experiencing, and his refusal to bear any responsibility for his actions.

“My brother Hamza still ignores all facts and conclusive evidence, and manipulates facts and events to reinforce his false narrative. Unfortunately, my brother really believes what he claims. The illusion he is living is not new, for many years ago, the members of our Hashemite family realized his reversal of his pledges and his irresponsible behavior aimed at spreading unrest, not caring about its repercussions on our homeland and our family. No sooner does he vow to return from the error he is, until he returns to the path he followed years ago; He prioritizes his interests over the homeland instead of drawing inspiration from his family’s history and values, and lives in the narrowness of his obsessions instead of being convinced of the spaciousness of his position and the space of respect, love and care that we have provided him with.

“Over the past years, I have exercised the utmost tolerance, restraint, and patience with my brother. I sought excuses for him in the hope that he would mature one day, and that I would find support and assistance in him in performing our duty to serve our proud people and protect our homeland and its interests. I was patient with him, but time and time again he was disappointed. The case of sedition in April of last year was not the beginning of the case of Hamza’s delusion, as he chose to depart from his family’s biography for many years, as he claimed that he accepted my constitutional decision to return the mandate of the Covenant to its basic constitutional base, but all his actions since that time showed otherwise, as he followed Negative behavior, which was evident to all members of our family, and surrounded himself with people who have been promoting opposition to the decision without moving a finger to stop them.

“I had hoped that Hamza would be convinced of what God, Almighty and Exalted be He, had bestowed upon him in terms of prestige and space to serve our dear country and people, but he continued his offensive behavior towards me, his family’s history, and state institutions that provide all forms of support and assistance to him and others. Nevertheless, I chose to look away from him getting out of the state he put himself in; He is my brother at all times. But he always preferred to treat everyone around him with suspicion and estrangement, continuing his role in causing trouble to our country, and justifying his inability to serve our country and provide realistic solutions to the challenges we face, as a warrior and a target.

“I have sought to support his career in the armed forces, hoping that the patience and sacrifice of comrades-in-arms will revive the will and determination, and bring him out of the negative feelings he was drowning in. But hope is dashed. Over the years of his work in our valiant armed forces, the school of manhood and honor, I used to receive complaints from the leaders of our Arab army and from his colleagues about the superiority with which he was dealing with his superiors, and his attempts to sow doubt in the professionalism and professionalism of our armed forces.

“I tried, and our family members tried, to help him break the chain of obsessions that bound himself, to be an active member of our family in the service of Jordan and Jordanians. I offered him many tasks and roles to serve the country, but he met all of that with bad intentions and skepticism. He never presented anything but grumbling and consuming slogans, and he never came to me with a solution or a practical proposal to deal with any of the problems facing our dear country. The system of work of our armed forces.”

“I am aware of the challenges facing our country and the constant need to address the imbalances and bridge the gaps, and I welcome constructive criticism and meaningful dialogue and request them from everyone, but at the same time I realize that these challenges cannot be addressed and addressed with show-offs that try to exploit our economic conditions and exploit them to spread despair and nihilistic discourse.”

“I prayed to God, Almighty and Exalted be He, that Hamza come out of his isolation every time I feel pain, and I find his place empty on our national and family occasions. But he preferred the excitement that raises questions about his absence in order to strengthen the image of the victim that he created over carrying out his family and patriotic duties, so he refused even to participate in the funeral ceremony of the body of our great uncle, the late Prince Muhammad bin Talal, to record a personal position in a family moment that calls for solidarity and sympathy.

Since last year’s attempt at sedition was in its infancy, and as part of efforts to deal with Prince Hamzah in the context of the family, our uncle, Prince Hassan, sat with him several times, advising and directing. Our brothers and our cousins ​​made extensive efforts to bring him back on the right path. But we find him today, after all the time he has had for self-reflection and reconciliation with oneself, despite his lost and lost. I saw nothing but disregard for the facts and for all the mistakes and sins he committed that cast a shadow over an entire nation, and this was evident in his private message he sent to me on January 15th. I did not find in that letter anything but a distortion of the facts, interpretation and ignoring of what did not fit with his narration of events. Rather, the imagination took him to the point of “reporting” what I had never said.

He distorted what happened between him and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, claiming that the Chief of Staff had visited his house suddenly, while the meeting came at the time and place that he had specified. He gave a distorted account of his role in the case of sedition, ignoring what was revealed to the public in terms of his suspicious relationship and contacts with the traitor of trust in the name of Awad Allah, and Hassan bin Zaid, who knew my brother well that he had knocked on the doors of two foreign embassies inquiring about the possibility of supporting their countries in the event that he described a change in judgment.

Hamza claimed that he and members of his small family had been the victims of targeting for many years, while he and his family enjoyed the various means of comfort and luxury that we have always provided for them in various aspects of their lives and in his palace, even after the events of the strife, without any restrictions or limitations on his family or their ability to access his balances and accounts.

My brother deviated from the traditions of our entire family and our Jordanian values, and abused his position as a Hashemite prince when he violated the most basic principles of morality and the sanctity of councils by secretly recording the facts of his meeting with the chief of staff, to send him immediately to Bassem Awad Allah. And then he rushed to broadcast a video recording to the outside media, in a behavior that is not befitting our country or our family. He did not think for a moment about the repercussions of this on our country and our people. He could have resorted to contacting me, or with whomever he wanted in the family, to present what happened in order to preserve his reputation and that of our family and our country, but he chose to defame Jordan as a way to gain popularity and stir feelings and display.

It has never occurred in the history of our Hashemite family, or in the history of any of the royal families in the world, that one of its members sent video messages to the outside media, attacking the institutions of his homeland, which he enjoyed with their advantages and services, and challenging their integrity.

These behaviors represent a clear violation of his position as a Hashemite prince, and a transgression of the customs and traditions that have been respected by all members of our family since Abdullah I, may God have mercy on him, assumed the trust of responsibility. Imagine the chaos that would ensue, if every member of my family chose to express their positions and views on politics and state affairs openly, and criticized our institutions without respecting our constitution and mores.

My brother Hamza wears the dress of a preacher and remembers our Hashemite values ​​while his actions and behavior violated them. He claims to comply with our late ancestor in word and goes beyond their legacy. Imitating the fathers is not by imitating their outward appearances; Rather, by preserving their heritage, adhering to their principles, and following their morals. It seemed clear that the prince lives in an illusion planted by some of those around him by owning this great inheritance alone, ignoring his young age and the humility of his experience. Will did.

Over the years, Hamza has been clear about all of the above, and she gave him advice, trying to help him get out of the situation in which he put himself, but he did not change, on the contrary, he remained on his misguidance, which reached his bottom last year. This was evident in all his messages, which I felt were prepared in advance for the media, and which reflected his conviction of claiming injustice against him despite the attempts that were made with him.

I knew, after all, that my little brother would still live in a state of mind that made him lose the ability to distinguish reality from fiction. At the time, she also realized the difficulty of dealing with someone who sees himself as a hero and a victim at the same time.

Despite this, I made more effort to bring him to his senses, and sent him a written response to his private message that he had sent me, and asked him to come to me reconciled with himself, acknowledging his mistake, committed to our values ​​and our heritage. I assured him that if he wanted to deal with his issue legally as he requested, the option to resort to the relevant laws is available to him, provided that he bears the decisions issued by them.

At his request, I met him in the presence of our two brothers Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein and Prince Ali bin Al Hussein, may he be guided. In that meeting, I presented him with a roadmap for rebuilding trust, including realistic steps that his commitment to which would lead to his return, if he wishes, as an active member of the royal family, and I gave him complete freedom of choice. I was very optimistic when Hamza chose to acknowledge what he had done, and sent me a letter in which he apologized to the country, the people, and to me for what he had done.

Unfortunately, it was only weeks before Prince Hamzah proved his bad faith, returned to his show and played the role of the victim, as we were accustomed to. He did not leave his palace for a whole month, and did not use the facilities that were granted to him, but came out with a statement via social media, announcing his abandonment of his title. My little brother did so, knowing full well that the granting and redemption of titles is the exclusive prerogative of the King, according to Article 37 of the Constitution and the Royal Family Law. At the time Prince Hamzah announced his decision to give up his title, he sent me a private message requesting that the financial and logistical benefits of his title be preserved during the coming period.

Hamza reneged on what he had pledged in his letter, and violated what he had committed to during our meeting, although his commitment was to short-term steps aimed at rebuilding trust. He resorted, as we have always been accustomed to, to the media, deliberately creating confusion and attracting sympathy and attention. In the same vein, Hamza tried to impose friction on the royal guards on the morning of the blessed Eid al-Fitr, in a clear indication that he continues in his quest to create unrest and ignite crises, as he did with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff last year. Hamza knows that the arrangements for the Eid prayer were approved and included in the security arrangements adopted in all his movements. However, he began to provoke the nobles of the Royal Guard with exacerbating behavior, employing religious discourse to gain sympathy and portraying what he had done and uttered of the right that he wanted to do void. Praise be to God, the guards performed their work with high professionalism and respect, and they prevented Hamza and his desire to create a problem unworthy of his position and the men of our armed forces do not deserve.

After exhausting attempts to deal with everything that was mentioned by my brother Hamzah within the framework of the family, and through advice and fraternal and family dialogue, I do not see now the need to do what is dictated to me by honesty and responsibility; My duty towards my small family is great, but my duty towards my large Jordanian family and its interests is greater and higher. I will not allow anyone to put his interests ahead of the interests of the country, and I will not allow even my brother to be a cause for more anxiety in our proud homeland.

There is no time to waste in dealing with Prince Hamzah’s vicissitudes and goals. The challenges are great, the difficulties are many, and all our work is focused on overcoming them, and on meeting the aspirations of our people and their right to a decent and stable life.

Accordingly, I decided to agree to the recommendation of the Council formed under the Royal Family Law, to restrict Prince Hamzah’s contacts, residence and movements, which the Council submitted to us since the 23rd of last December, and I had decided to wait in approving it to give my brother Hamzah an opportunity to self-review and return to the path of righteousness.

In view of the prince’s destructive behavior, I would not be surprised if, after all this, he came out with abusive messages insulting the country and institutions. But I and all our people will not waste our time in responding to him, because I am convinced that he will continue his misleading story throughout his life. We do not have the luxury of time to deal with these accounts; We have many national priorities and challenges that we must confront quickly and resolutely.

We will provide Hamza with everything he needs to ensure a decent living, but he will not get the space he used to abuse the country, its institutions, and his family, and try to endanger Jordan’s stability. Jordan is greater than all of us, and the interests of our people are greater than any individual than it, and I will not accept that the homeland be confined to the whims of a person who has not offered anything to his country. Accordingly, Hamza will remain in his palace in compliance with the decision of the family council, and to ensure that none of his irresponsible behavior is repeated, which if repeated, will be dealt with.

As for the family of Prince Hamzah, they do not bear the burden of what he did, for they are the people of my house, and they will have from me in the future, as in the past, all the care, love and care.

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