The Liverpool midfielder, the Brazilian player Fabinho, confirmed, Thursday, May 19, that the Spanish club Real Madrid has something different in the European Champions League.

He said in an interview with (EFE) and the Spanish newspaper (AS): “I followed Real Madrid, specifically in the last 3 matches, because he was not playing in our days. It is a team accustomed to this competition. It seems that what they say about Real Madrid is true.. He has something different in the Champions League.”

He added about Real Madrid’s journey in the current edition of the Champions League until qualifying for the final to face Liverpool on May 28 in Paris: “Real Madrid has won similarly in the last 3 games… he scored two or more goals in a very short period of time… he deserves to play The final, he had a very good year, we’ll see what happens on the 28th, and I hope we win.”

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When asked if this final represented something special for him, given that he played for Real Madrid’s reserve (Castella) and played one match with the first team, Fabinho, who was crowned with Liverpool with the Champions League title in 2019, commented: “Going to the Champions League final is very special. Some people get to play it once or twice like me, and some never get it.”

“I will bring my family so they can watch me, but playing in Castilla does not make the final more special or make me play the game differently,” he added.

On playing this final after Liverpool crowned the FA Cup, Fabinho said: “It is always good to go to a final after winning matches and titles. We have won two (the Federation and League) Cups this season, which makes the team gain confidence. We are all happy, and I remember that we celebrated a lot. In the dressing room, winning always gives you confidence. We wanted this title for several years, and we were looking forward to it as a team with the same coach.”

Regarding the team’s physical condition after playing all the possible matches of the season, Fabinho said: “I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we are tired. For a month or more we have played twice a week, we play Tuesday or Wednesday and then on the weekend we play one game after another. They are all important matches, which makes us tired both physically and mentally.”

Fabinho confirmed that he will be ready for the final

He continued, “This team worked very hard to reach this position and this moment of the season in which it has a chance to win four titles. It is not easy to recover after playing 120 minutes on the weekend and return to play on Tuesday.”

Regarding his physical condition and his suffering from a physical problem that may prevent him from participating in the final, Fabinho said: “I will play .. I am working to recover and be able to participate in the final .. I am very reassured and confident that I will participate in the final, and I must rest now so that I can be in the best physical level.” Possibly on the 28th. When asked if he would prefer to win the Premier League or the Champions League, Fabinho replied: “Both.”

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