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Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Hussein Hazeb affirmed the Supreme Political Council’s interest in scientific research and modern sciences that keep pace with the requirements of the times and meet the needs of the local and regional labor market.

This came during the final workshops for discussing and approving the description of the new academic programs of Al-Nasser University in accordance with the requirements and standards of the Council for Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance for the “Dentistry, Nutrition, Cyber ​​Security and Digital Investigation, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence” programs organized by the university over two days with the participation of a selection of Yemeni experts and academics.

The Minister of Higher Education considered the completion of the description of the new academic programs at Al-Nasser University a positive sign and a step in the right direction towards applying for a license for these programs in accordance with scientific and methodological bases and in accordance with the guide and standards of the Academic Accreditation Council.

He stressed that the difficult conditions resulting from the aggression and the siege made educational institutions tend to pay attention to creativity, innovation and the development of the capabilities of the human cadre, which holds the key to development and economic advancement and access to self-sufficiency.. He directed Yemeni universities to adopt national reference standards when requesting a license to open new programs.

In the workshops, in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Ali Sharaf El-Din, the Undersecretary of the Ministries of Higher Education for Educational Affairs, Dr. Ghaleb Al-Qans, Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Taha Zabara, the Secretary-General of the Council for Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance, Dr. Muhammad Dhaifallah, praised the steps taken by Al-Nasser University in describing academic programs. new before applying for a license to open it.

He called on universities to abide by the national reference standards (NARS) when opening any new programs, and to provide cadres and infrastructure, especially the precise and qualitative disciplines that keep pace with the requirements of the times and market needs.

Dhaifallah pointed to the importance of enriching the cybersecurity strategy prepared by the Ministry of Communications to analyze the existing gap and the current situation and to develop the necessary remedies, and to invite the concerned authorities to develop the national qualifications framework.

For their part, the President of Al-Nasser University, Dr. Abdullah Al-Tahesh, and the Dean of the Center for Development and Quality Assurance at the university, Dr. Omar Al-Shuja, reviewed the steps taken by the university to describe the new programs.

They pointed out that the university is seeking to open new and qualitative specializations, and approve the establishment of two specializations in medical sciences, and three in computing sciences.

In turn, the national and international expert for quality assurance and academic accreditation, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sharjabi, touched on promising programs in computing, medical aspects and implementation stages, and the difficulties facing the development and implementation of academic programs.

The workshops were attended by the Minister’s advisor, Mahmoud Al-Silwi, the Director General of Training and Quality at the Academic Accreditation Council, Dr. Noaman Fairouz, the Director of the Educational Institutions Department in the Judicial Guard Muhammad Al-Wadi’i, the deans of faculties and faculty members.

In addition, the Minister of Higher Education and his companions were briefed on the electronic applications exhibition for students of the College of Engineering, which was held on the sidelines of the workshops.

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