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The capital’s secretariat failed in the face of preserving public funds and fell into the mud of the official’s greed and the chaos of the administration, and it presented itself in a humiliating and humiliating manner, the purpose of which was to strike the extortion bird with the death penalty, metaphorically claiming that it is the most eager to preserve public money.

This comes despite the fact that the case is still behind the scenes with many fabrications in dark rooms in search of more fraud and graft, and the days are enough to reveal the facts and expose corruption from the top of the head to the smallest knee.

Perhaps the Executive Director of the Hygiene Fund preferred Al-Roni the weakest link in the fray of the seventy if not the weakest cartilage in the smallest knee that sought to blackmail a company that stood in front of their greed with documents and legal documents that granted it flying by a judicial ruling that turned the table on everyone and made them lose the ability to balance.

At the time during which Haditha was stormed, City was addressing and expelling its employees and workers under the pretext that the contract signed between the Capital Municipality and Al-Manal Investment Company Ltd. It was issued to the Capital Municipality promptly based on the urgent case brought by the company represented by its General Manager, Ali Salem Mubarak, with Thawab against the Capital Municipality.

Contrary to the pattern, the experts of the Capital Municipality issued a statement by the General Union of Municipalities and Housing Workers, considering that a deed that they have the right to confront Al-Manal Company in its legal right guaranteed by contracts and ratified by the judiciary with a clear and explicit ruling.

Such a statement issued by the General Union of Municipal Workers is a clear and real condemnation of the Capital Municipality and the Sanitation Fund, since the statement was first not issued by an official body such as the Sanitation Fund or the Capital Secretariat, which confirms that the statement is a hype that has no reality and has nothing to do with the truth established by law. and judiciary.

Despite the issuance of a summary court ruling ruling in favor of Al-Manal Company, the Capital Municipality refused to deal with the ruling or respond to the memoranda addressed to it and issued by the West Amana Court, or implement the ruling in a way that puts many questions and exclamation marks as a result of such actions.

The contract signed with the company by the secretariat was established in Article (3) of the annex to the signed contract, which states: “The second party is granted, in accordance with the provisions of the contract and this appendix, a concession period (23) years starting from the date of 1/4/2007 AD, and the second party shall have priority in investing the project. The subject of the contract after the expiry of the concession period specified in this article with the consent of the first party in accordance with the terms and conditions that were agreed upon, and the terms of the previous contract shall apply.

And the administrative stupidity was evident in the dealings by the Capital Secretariat with the legal opinion submitted by the Legal Affairs of the Secretariat, in which the opinion concluded that “and from all of the above, we conclude the following opinion:

Validity of the concession period granted to Al-Manal Investment Company under the contract dated 5/13/1999 and its annex and enabling it to benefit from the project (Men City Entertainment Park) until 3/31/2030AD

The verdict issued by the Court of West Amanat Al-Asimah came as follows:

1 – Acceptance of the urgent action submitted by the plaintiff / Al Manal Investment Company Ltd., represented by its general manager, Ali Salem Mubarak, against the defendants / Amanat Al Asimah and the Cleaning and Improvement Fund in form and substance, protecting the subject matter of the case, Fun City Park, and restoring the plaintiff’s apparent condition as it was before the defendants took it. Of the procedures against it and obliges the defendant not to oppose it and to communicate with the competent authorities to control who will be exposed to the plaintiff in benefiting from it.

2 – The defendants shall pay one million riyals to the plaintiff in litigation fees and losses.

Issued in the courtroom on Monday 24 Ramadan 1443 AH corresponding to 4 / 24 2022 AD.

Contrary to what was expected, the defendants refused to implement the judgment issued by the court, which prompted the West Capital Municipality to send a memorandum to the Capital Secretariat on May 8, 2022 AD, requesting the Capital Secretariat’s statement on the reason for not implementing what was stated in the alternate judge’s memorandum No. (2077) dated April 26, 2022 AD. and implement what was stated in that memorandum.

Its owner is a memorandum issued by the Secretariat of the Interior Minister’s Court on May 8, 2022 AD to demand a statement of the reason for implementing what was stated in the judge’s memorandum No. (2077) and dated April 26, 2022 AD and the implementation of what was stated in that memorandum.

Despite the legal right established by the judiciary in its verdict and court memoranda, the Capital Secretariat and the Cleaning and Improvement Fund still refuse to hand over the Van City Park headquarters to Al Manal Investment Company and do not respond to court rulings in a clearly visible case.

Here, we are surprised that the official is the first to refuse to deal with the judiciary or submit to its rulings, at a time when Al-Manal Company has pursued legal methods far from all chaos or inconveniences and has gone through civilized and sophisticated ways in dealing despite the financial losses it suffers on a daily basis, especially during the Eid al-Fitr season. Al-Mubarak, which represents a season to receive its customers, but on the contrary, the Capital Municipality and the Cleaning and Improvement Fund were the subject of chaos and imbalance.

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