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The English Premier League continues to entertain the world after the fierce struggle between Liverpool and Manchester City, for the title of the Premier League Shield, for the last round of the competition with one point between them.

Liverpool’s current tally is 89 points, one point ahead of leaders Manchester City with 90 points.

It is no secret that for the second time in three years, everyone is waiting for the last match in the Premier League to determine the champion, but during the season before last and this season, the struggle for the league title was between Manchester City and Liverpool, and the difference between them was a blister until the last meeting in the league.

But the English Premier League does not only have the struggle for the front, but the competition in the Premier League extends to the top scorer award, the relegation struggle, and other struggles that we monitor for you, “Masrawy” visitors, the five most prominent conflicts away from the summit conflict.

golden shoe fight
Egyptian international Mohamed Salah continues to achieve achievements in the Premier League and was crowned with the Golden Boot twice, in 2018 and 2019.

And during the current season, Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, who scored 22 goals in the league, is competing with Sun, the Liverpool player, who scored 21 goals and has a game remaining.

Salah wishes to win the Golden Boot for the third time in his history, but he fears that the scenario of losing the Golden Boot in the last round will be repeated, especially since he is injured, and he will not play the last round against Southampton.

Salah lost the opportunity to get the Golden Boot award for the Premier League’s top scorer last season, when he failed to score against Crystal Palace in the last round, so the Golden Boot went to Tottenham’s Harry Kane, who scored a goal against Leicester City, to be crowned as the Premier League’s top scorer in the 2020-2021 season with 23 One goal ahead of Salah.

relegation struggle
The conflict is intense at the bottom of the table between three teams, which are Burnley with 34 points, Leeds United with 35 points, and Everton with 36 points, with only one game remaining for each team.

And officially relegated to the lower division Norwich City, after scoring 22 points, and Watford, after scoring 23 points.

golden glove fight
The Premier League Golden Glove award is given to the goalkeeper who scores the most clean sheets.

We find that the award this season is limited to Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker and Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson.

Alisson Becker participated with Liverpool in the league this season in 35 meetings, keeping 20 clean sheets, while Ederson participated with City in 36 meetings, keeping 20 clean sheets as well.

Champions League fight
The game of musical chairs continues in the Premier League, and Tottenham and Arsenal are vying for the last seat to participate in the Champions League.

Tottenham is fourth, the last qualifier for the Champions League, with 68 points, and it has a match with Norwich City.

While Arsenal is in fifth place, one point behind Tottenham, and needs to win Everton’s last match in the Premier League, and lose or draw Tottenham in its match.

European League struggle and conference
We conclude the game of musical chairs with a one-match struggle that makes Manchester United and West Ham participate in a different tournament than what exists now.

Where Manchester United occupies sixth place with 58 points, which is the last qualifying position for the European League, and he has one match against Crystal Palace, which he must win to reserve his place in the European League.

While West Ham comes behind him, which occupies seventh place and is the qualifier for the European Conference League with 56 points, and needs to win in its last league match against Brighton, and lose Manchester United in the same round to surpass it in the number of points, or win the tie and overtake the Red Devils in number of goals.

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