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The Free Yemen Party called on the revolutionaries, heroes and supporters of the popular September 21 revolution to resume the popular revolutionary action to correct the dangerous deviations that occurred in the revolution’s march and to complete its noble and great humanitarian and national goals and implement the directives and directives of the leader Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi in liberating Yemen from tutelage, dependence and dependency on the outside and purifying state institutions of the corrupt And the climbers and an end to the manifestations of discrimination, racism, the policy of exclusion and marginalization, and all the practices that have become black spots in the luminous march of the popular revolution due to the deviations and corruption of many influential people who were blinded by narrow interests, so they proceeded to tamper with the capabilities of the country and abuse its children.

A statement issued by the party yesterday, Tuesday in Sanaa, said that some of the corrupt people affiliated with the blessed Quranic march and the popular September 21 revolution abandoned the morals of the march and the principles and goals of the revolution, and believed that they had the right to do what they liked just because they belonged to this blessed march, even if they violated its principles. They departed from the values ​​and ideals for which the revolution was founded, unaware of the extent of the deep damage inflicted on the people’s revolution and the destabilization of its position in the hearts of the vast majority of the noble Yemeni people as a result of their practices, corruption, arrogance and irresponsible actions.

The Free Yemen Party – Leadership and Rules – renewed the covenant with the leader / Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, as he is facing the great challenges that the country is facing from both outside and inside due to the practices and tampering of some officials who have become arrogant, arrogant, arrogant and arrogant towards citizens and looting public money that exceed the practices of And the crimes and violations of the Saudi-American aggression in many cases

The statement touched on some forms of corruption and tampering with people’s rights in some state institutions, especially the Ministry of Finance, which did not spare even junior officials in the official media from its arbitrary measures, even though they were ahead of the ranks in combating the aggression and revealing its crimes to local and international public opinion, not to mention the abuses and corruption of its minister, who has not People in general and private, as well as in the Ministry of Health, which has become a source of pain and extortion for many Yemenis looking to obtain its medical services, in addition to the corruption practices that plague the noses at the level of the authorities in the governorates, including, but not limited to, the governorate of Amran and many other serious deviations that require Overthrowing and eradicating it before it escalates and turns into a dilemma that is difficult to treat.

The Free Yemen Party affirmed that the Yemeni people, who destroyed their glorious popular revolution on the 21st of September against the mightiest empires of corruption, employment and treachery, are able today to eradicate the new spoilers and purify the country from their evils. His will, Glory be to Him, is the will of the people, and may God grant victory to those who support him, and then devote himself to purifying the homeland from the invaders, occupiers and their mercenaries.

Long live Yemen, and long live its leader, the knowledgeable Mujahid, Mr. Al-Alam / Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, shame, disgrace and defeat for the enemies and spoilers and their tools inside and outside, and God is a martyr for what we say.

Issued by the Free Yemen Party in Sana’a

Tuesday 17 May 2022 Corresponding to 16 Shawwal 1443 AH

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