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Five scientific workshops were concluded today in Sana’a, which were held within the activities of the first national conference for endowments, organized by the General Authority for Endowments under the slogan “Together towards strategic transformation in endowment work.”

In the scientific workshops, in the presence of the Vice President of the General Authority for Endowments Abdullah Allaw, a number of working papers and scientific research were presented by academics, researchers, scholars and specialists.

Where the Deputy Minister of Culture, Mohamed Haidara, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Revolution Foundation for Press, Printing and Publishing, Abdul Rahman Al-Ahnoumi, and Head of the Cultural and Media Department in the Presidency of the Republic, Zaid Al-Gharsi, stressed the importance of the media’s role in promoting endowment work, by enhancing community awareness of the importance of the endowment.

During interventions at the conclusion of the workshop organized by the Department of Media and Relations at the authority, on the cultural and media aspect, they pointed out the importance of holding the first national conference for endowments to study the challenges facing endowment funds and properties.

And they touched upon the directives of the revolutionary leadership, the Supreme Political Council and the government, to all state institutions, including media and educational institutions, scholars and preachers, to support the efforts of the General Authority for Endowments to restore the status of the endowment.

The workshop, chaired by the Dean of the College of Media, Dr. Omar Daer, dealt with four working papers, the first for the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Higher Education, Dr. Ghaleb Al-Qans, on the endowment and its religious position in Yemeni society, while the second paper presented by a faculty member at Dhamar University, Dr. Ali Qaradah, focused on the role of the endowment in The embodiment of human values ​​and community service.

In the third working paper, the professor in the Libraries Department at the Faculty of Arts at Sana’a University Tahani Musa touched on the endowment libraries in Yemen, “Studying Reality and Future Aspirations.” The specialist in the Mosques Department of the Taiz Endowment Office, Ali Al-Ahdal, also reviewed, in the fourth working paper, the mechanisms for achieving the intentions of the endowers and their impact on Revival of the year of endowment.

The workshop was attended by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Abdullah Al-Naimi, and the Vice President of Amran University for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ali Hammoud Sharaf Al-Din.

In a workshop organized by the Authority’s Financial and Administrative Affairs Sector on the financial and administrative aspect, under the slogan “Towards Building the General Authority for Endowments as a Modern Endowment Institution”, five scientific papers were presented, in the presence of the Undersecretary of the Financial and Administrative Affairs Sector Kahlan Al-Sadh.

During the workshop, which was chaired by the assistant professor at the Faculty of Commerce, Amran University, Dr. Abdullah Al-Adi, the assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at Amran University, Dr. Nabil Badr Al-Din, presented the first paper entitled “The Role of Governance in the Investment and Development of Endowment Resources for the General Authority of Endowments”, while the assistant professor of accounting and auditing reviewed Imran University, Dr. Ghazi Al-Ghazi, a second paper entitled “Towards an Integrated Framework for Comprehensive Oversight of the Performance of the General Authority for Endowments.”

The third working paper presented by the researcher in human resources at the Awqaf Authority, Ghamdan Al-Moualli, touched on the impact of the use of information systems on the administrative performance of the authority’s office in the Capital Municipality – an applied study.

The specialist in the management of notables in the Awqaf Authority, Ahlam Al-Qaisel, focused in the fourth working paper on the level of benefiting from modern scientific administrative experiences to develop the endowment resources of the authority. Researcher Maher Al-Nazari concluded the workshop with the fifth working paper, on the requirements for developing electronic management in the Awqaf Authority.

Today, a workshop on the economic and investment side, organized by the investment and resource development sector, was completed, entitled “Towards an optimal investment for the development of endowment resources according to the best methods and practices,” in the presence of the Vice President of the Endowments Authority Abdullah Allaw and the sector’s representative, Dr. Muhammad Al-Sumli.

Five working papers were presented in the workshop, chaired by Dr. Muhammad Al-Qutaibi, the first of which was titled “The Role of Endowment Investment in the Development of Geographical Scientific Institutions in the Service of Endowments in Yemen” to the researcher, Dr. Mutahar Al-Mikhlafi. The second paper addressed the role of the Dean of the Academic Development and Accreditation Center at the Police Academy, Dr. Muhammad Al-Harazi. Economic and developmental endowment.

While the researcher, Dr. Abdel-Fattah Al-Qiss, in the third paper listed the determinants of the relationship with the local authority in developing endowment resources, the researcher Samira Al-Asbahi discussed in the fourth paper the extent to which the endowment benefited from contemporary investment endowment formulas and the study of some experiences. Dr. Amin Khairan also reviewed a fifth working paper, on the establishment of The Yemeni Investment Holding Company for Endowments.

The endowment notables sector concluded this evening the workshop related to the legislative and legal aspect, in the presence of the sector’s representative, Muhammad Jahaf, and a group of jurists, academics, judges and scholars.

In the workshop chaired by Dr. Abdul-Mumin Shuja’ Al-Din, four working papers were presented. The first focused on the fields of endowment in Yemen “Studying models of endowment documents in the types and fields of Yemeni endowments” presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Arts at Ibb University, Dr. Aref Al-Raawi.

The workshop included scientific papers presented by the Dean of Academic Affairs at Iqra University, Dr. Abdullah Al-Houthi, on “the legal endowment in Yemen, the reasons for society’s reluctance to it and the mechanisms for its revival,” and the professor of Sharia and law at the University of Taiz, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Al-Rumaima on “the investment of the endowment between jurisprudential discharge and intentional consideration,” and researcher Abdul Hamid. Al-Assad on “Challenges to Protect and Restore Endowments”.

Today, the mosques and shrines sector concluded a workshop on the developmental and innovative aspect, discussing ways to improve endowment banks to meet the needs of society and achieve the purposes of endowers, reviewing the problems facing endowment work in Yemen and developing solutions and treatments for them.

In the workshop, which was attended by Sector Undersecretary Dr. Abdullah Al-Qadami and chaired by researcher Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Houri, academics and researchers put forward proposals and observations to overcome the challenges facing the endowment tracks, its justifications, its money and its notables.

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