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Europe is currently considering importing Israeli gas after converting it to liquefied gas in Egypt, in the context of diversifying energy sources and eliminating imports from Russia.

In exclusive statements to “Energy”, Christian Berger said that the EU is currently negotiating with Egypt and Israel to cooperate in exporting gas to the countries of the continent, and “it is expected that a final agreement will be reached very soon.”

Burger added – on the sidelines of a celebration held by the union, last week in Cairo, on the occasion of “Europe Day” – that the negotiations focus on bringing natural gas from Israel, converting it into liquefied natural gas, and then exporting it to Europe.

Importing Israeli gas through Egypt

The European Union ambassador in Cairo said, “The private sector in Egypt will supply the European Union with quantities of liquefied natural gas after importing it from Israel.”

In February 2018, the private Egyptian company, Dolphinus, signed an agreement to import Israeli gas in a deal that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi described – at the time – as a “goal” achieved by his country, which aims to become a regional center for energy trading in the eastern Mediterranean. .

Egypt had exported gas to Israel before, but the agreement collapsed in 2012 after repeated attacks by militants on the pipeline in the Sinai Peninsula, following turmoil during the events of the January 2011 revolution.

Christian Burger added that the ongoing negotiations with the two Middle Eastern countries revolve around importing Israeli gas (natural gas) to Egypt to convert it to liquefied and transporting it on boats to Europe, due to the lack of gas pipelines linking Cairo and Tel Aviv with the countries of the continent.

Burger did not specify the quantities of gas that the EU countries can obtain, according to the current negotiations, but indicated that the import of gas will be according to the available quantities.

Exporting Egyptian gas to Europe

The European Union ambassador in Cairo said that Europe is currently negotiating with Egypt to supply the old continent with quantities of liquefied natural gas from its fields, in addition to Israeli gas.

He added that this comes within the framework of a European plan to diversify energy sources, which would enable it to dispense with Russian oil and gas imports.

Egyptian LNG exports and Egyptian gas in 2021

The countries of the Union, which rely heavily on Russian energy imports, are seeking to reduce these imports, in preparation for dispensing with them at a later time, with the aim of weakening Moscow and stopping its war on Kyiv.

Despite the heavy economic sanctions imposed by Western countries, and America’s ban on its imports of Russian oil and gas, Europe has not been able to take a similar decision so far, so it is looking into several paths, including importing Israeli gas after liquefying it in Egypt.

Russia supplies the EU countries with about 40% of their gas needs, and 30% of their oil on average.

The European Commission is holding difficult discussions to determine proposals by which it can limit Russian energy imports, especially after Moscow’s decision to pay in its local currency the ruble, or else it will stop gas supplies, which could make it escape sanctions.

Ban on Russian imports

The European Union’s ambassador to Cairo, Christian Berger, ruled out the European Commission’s decision to ban Russian oil and gas imports.

He said, “European countries will secure energy sources by diversifying them, before deciding to ban Russian oil and gas imports.”

The draft European proposals indicated, today, Wednesday, May 18, that the Commission will propose new targets for the production of renewable energy, the rationalization and saving of energy consumption, and the acceleration of approval procedures for clean energy projects such as wind farms, the expansion of hydrogen energy infrastructure, and the diversification of import sources. Natural gas.

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