An epidemiologist reveals to "Okaz" the reasons for the high incidence of "Corona"

The wave of rises in Corona injuries returned to the fore again in the Kingdom, where yesterday 621 new cases of the new Corona virus (Covid-19) were recorded, after it was less than 60 cases in the past, bringing the total to 760,477 cases, while 514 cases were recorded. A new recovery, bringing the total to 744,841 cases.An epidemiologist attributed the main reasons for the rise in Corona cases in Saudi Arabia last week and the beginning of the current, to human gatherings, especially in closed places and social visits that coincided with Eid Al-Fitr without applying precautions such as masks and hand washing, and there are those who did not take vaccine doses. Approved and vaccinations, especially steroids, made a large number vulnerable to infection.

Dr. Thamer Al-Shammari, an expert on drug policy and research at the National Center in China, Vice President of the Pharmacovigilance Organization in the Middle East, told Okaz: “Covid-19 is one of the diseases that are caused by a virus, known as the emerging corona virus. The emergence of new Corona cases at the end of 2019 and it was declared a pandemic in March 2020 due to the rapid spread worldwide, at a rate of more than 13 times the expected rate.

He added that the disease affected most countries in the world and there were differences between the infection rate between countries and the most important determinant factor, so it was the application of precautionary measures before exploring vaccines for the virus that helped further reduce the impact of the disease. Al-Shammari added that after two years the injuries began to recede and the number of deaths decreased until it reached zero in Saudi Arabia due to the unlimited support for all sectors, especially the health sectors, and the various governments began to reduce the precautionary measures until they were canceled and a return to normal life. At the same time, the Ministry of Health advised the application of the standards of precautionary measures, especially in closed places.

And Al-Shammari said, we have recently noticed an increase in cases of Covid-19, for many reasons such as gatherings, especially in closed places, and visits without applying precautions, and returning to the Kingdom after traveling abroad may be one of the reasons for the increase in cases, especially countries with high population density and where no application is applied. Precautionary measures and there is no vaccination coverage.

Al-Shammari added that the most important criteria in Covid-19 are the number of deaths and the number of critical cases, which are considered zero or close to zero, and the reason for the importance of these criteria so that they do not constitute a burden on the health system and the capacity of hospitals, which are basically sufficient and developed in the Kingdom, in addition to that, the increase in cases is expected in this The time is in light of the knowledge of the way the virus spreads, and at the present time I do not think that there is a need for any new procedures to be followed, but only to emphasize the instructions and advice issued by health authorities, especially wearing a mask in closed places, and emphasizing taking the stimulant dose and precautionary measures not only reduce the incidence of infection Corona disease, but it may also have a role in reducing the incidence of other diseases that are transmitted in the same way, such as influenza.

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