Abdelhafid Belaili, Algerian international business agent, Youssef Belaili, star of Brest Stadium, denied the news that his son wanted to leave the club this summer because he did not adapt to the conditions of living in the cold French city, indicating that he did not mind staying with the “Pirate” club. Despite the tempting offers he received in the recent period.

The father of the Algerian star, who is his agent at the same time, said in statements to the Algerian channel “Al-Shorouk News”, on Wednesday, May 18, in response to a question regarding Youssef Belaili’s situation in Brest Club: “Youssef (Bilaly) has adapted to the Brest Club .. He feels comfortable with his family in this city and does not mind staying with him for another season.”

He added, “Youssef is comfortable from all sides and is impressed with the conditions and atmosphere in the Brest Club,” before confirming: “There is no great pressure in the Brest Club, and Youssef wants to be more prominent in the future,” especially since, according to analysts, he did not forget his first failed experience with French club Ongers, which did not last long, from September 2017 to January 2018.

The former Qatar club star joined Brest on the last day of the last winter Mercato, January 31, in a free transfer deal after terminating his contract with Qatar Club, and spent a 6-month contract, with a clause allowing Brest Club to extend for two years. additional.

And Blailey’s father continued his statements by saying: “The president of Brest Club approached me after the meeting with Monaco (in the penultimate stage of the “Ligue 1″ and ended with Monaco winning 4-2), during which Blaili scored a world goal… and he offered us to extend the contract,” before He added: “We are waiting for a negotiation session to be held in the coming days to delineate matters.”

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The agent of the Algerian national team star admitted that his son had many offers from the French League clubs after his remarkable brilliance, according to followers, in the recent period. He stated: “The door remains open for his departure if the sporting ambitions are greater (compared to what is available in Brest)…”.

It is worth noting that Youssef Belaili played 12 matches with Brest Stadium, and after a difficult start, he scored two goals and provided two assists, and recently became one of the influential players in the team this season.

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