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The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Engineer Misfir Al-Numeir, announced the launch of the Internet service via “Wi-Fi” for 170 Access Point stations in the capital, Sana’a.

In a festive event organized today by the Ministry of Communications and its affiliates on the occasion of the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, Minister Al-Numeir stressed the importance of raising awareness of the important role of telecommunications and information technology.

He pointed out that the slogan of the World Day urges directing technology to support the elderly and improve their lives in the old age, as digital technology supports all areas of life.

Minister Al-Numeir pointed out that the title adopted by the International Federation for this year puts the international community to the test regarding what the Yemeni people are experiencing, and the extent of their credibility in adhering to the responsibility of humanity in providing the necessary protection to preserve the infrastructure of the communications and information technology sector in Yemen.

He stressed the importance of neutralizing the telecommunications sector to ensure that its services continue to reach millions of citizens, and to make technology available and make it safe and secure as a human right guaranteed to all.

The Minister of Communications stated that the occasion of the World Telecommunication Day comes while Yemen is suffering under the pain of war and siege, but the Yemeni people continue to be steadfast and are trying to overcome the destructive effects resulting from the systematic targeting of the infrastructure.

He explained that the war and siege posed a major challenge to the telecommunications sector in Yemen, and caused efforts and financial capabilities to be directed to reform what can be fixed to ensure the continuity of providing services to citizens, instead of focusing on development projects for the sector.

Minister Al-Numeir indicated that preventing the entry of equipment and equipment into Yemen caused additional difficulties and complications for telecom companies in Yemen.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Communications worked to improve the infrastructure in coordination with the Public Telecommunications Corporation by launching the shift towards the use of optical fibers in the main wired network, beginning in the capital, Sana’a, and introducing terrestrial internet service to new areas and providing fixed internet points to cover the need.

He pointed to the inauguration of the fourth generation services through local mobile operators, and the creation of the appropriate infrastructure to complete the transition process for the use of modern communications generations on a larger scale.

He noted the emergence of many local smart applications, as some parties, such as banks, commercial companies and educational institutions, began providing their services via the Internet, which led to an increase in the percentage of users and the level of utilization of communication services to include daily transactions.

The Minister of Communications stated that the ministry addressed the international community as one of the founders of the International Telecommunication Union, with the aim of conveying the grievances of the Yemeni people and establishing their rights regarding the destruction of the infrastructure by the aggression.

He affirmed Yemen’s commitment to the laws of the International Telecommunication Union and international laws and working to neutralize the activities and services provided by Yemeni telecommunications companies and institutions based on the national vision.

At the event, in the presence of the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Obaid bin Dbee’, the former Minister of Communications, Eng. Ahmed Al-Ansi, explained that one of the tasks of the telecommunications sector’s work is to deliver information from one place to another in a simplified manner.. He praised the efforts of the cadres, technicians and engineers of the telecommunications sector since its inception until today.

In this regard, he referred to the efforts of Hamid Hamid El-Din, the former Director General of Construction, who had clear fingerprints in building the infrastructure of the telecommunications sector, and Lutf Mohamed El-Asouli, who had great efforts in building stations in the mountains.


In the event, the Director of Information at the Ministry of Communications, Ibrahim Sharaf El-Din, reviewed the losses of the telecommunications sector during the past seven years, as the aggression aircraft targeted 1,106 facilities, including towers, stations, exchanges, cabins, equipment, power and air conditioning, and postal halls.. He indicated that the losses of the telecommunications sector amounted to more than six billion and 792 million dollars. .

In the event, speeches were delivered by the Dean of the General Institute of Communications, Abdul Karim Al-Ansi, the Chairman of the National Defense Committee Organization, Eng. Muhammad Al-Dhahabani, and the President of the Association of Telecom Retirees, Ahmed Al-Basrawi, who pointed out the importance of the World Telecommunication Day to develop a road map in which all stakeholders play their roles to advance a safer and more equitable digital world. .

The words expressed the hope of the International Union, to carry out its humanitarian duties and responsibilities to stop the destruction of the telecommunications infrastructure in Yemen… urging the telecommunications sector institutions and companies to strive to improve and develop telecommunications services and deliver them to citizens in all governorates of the Republic.

At the end of the event, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology honored the former Minister of Communications, Eng. Ahmed Al-Ansi, in appreciation of his pioneering role in establishing the telecommunications sector.

The event was attended by the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications for Financial and Administrative Affairs Ahmed Al-Mutawakel and Technical Taha Zabara, the Executive Director General of the Public Telecommunications Corporation, Eng. Sadiq Mosleh, the Director General of the General Post Authority Ammaruhan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yemen Mobile Company, Essam Al-Hamali, and the CEO of the Yemeni Company for International Telecommunications, Dr. Ali Naji Nassari.

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