Saudi Arabia achieves 10 international awards and ranks 13th in the 2022 Asian and Pacific Mathematical Olympiad

Saudi Arabia, represented by the King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba), and in a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education, won 10 international awards and ranked 13th out of 318 students representing 35 countries, raising its prize tally in this competition to 75, including gold, silver and bronze medals. and certificates of appreciation.

The Secretary-General of the “Mawhiba” Foundation, Dr. Saud Al-Mathami, said: This victory is not strange for the people of Saudi Arabia, especially since it came after a series of achievements for the nation’s talented and talented students in international competitions and forums, the last of which was the Regeneron Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF 2022) and a historic and unprecedented achievement. By winning 22 international awards, and the Saudi team in mathematics, physics and chemistry ascending the podiums in several international Olympiads during the month of May, and increasing the nation’s balance of international awards.

During its twelfth consecutive participation, the Saudi Mathematics Team achieved 7 medals (3 silver + 4 bronze) and certificates of appreciation. The silver medals were won by students: Hadi Al-Eithan from Al-Ahsa Education, student Muhammad Al-Dubaisi from Eastern Education, and Marwan Al-Khayat from Makkah Al-Mukarramah Education. Bronze medals were won by Moaz Al-Ghamdi from Makkah Education, Abdulelah Latif from Eastern Education, Iyad Al-Qatari from Eastern Education, Muhammad Hafez from Madinah Education, and students Moaz Al-Qahtani from Riyadh education, Mahdi Al-Baik from Eastern Education, and Abdul Rahman Nassif won the bronze medals. From the education of Medina.

The participants were chosen from among the members of the Saudi team, whose training began more than 3 years ago by a group of distinguished national and international coaches, after a series of controlled tests.

Saudi Arabia achieved thirteenth place in the Asian and Pacific Mathematical Olympiad 2022, which is the best position in the series of Saudi students’ annual participation in this competition, which it joined in its competitions in 2011. It also has 3 gold, 8 silver, 27 bronze and 37 appreciation certificates in its balance before this edition of the competition.

It is noteworthy that this participation comes within the Mawhiba International Olympiad program, which is held in a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education, which unloads its students to attend training camps throughout the year. This program is also one of 20 different initiatives of advanced curricula and enrichment programs in the fields of science, engineering and health, offered by Mawhiba for students The gifted annually embarks on a journey through which the gifted passes through several stages, exploring and enhancing his tendencies, empowering him and investing in him with its local and international partners.

The Olympiad was launched in 1989, and aims to discover talents, encourage competitions between school students and talented students, enhance international relations and cooperation between students and teachers, and create opportunities for exchanging experiences and information about the curriculum.

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