Barcelona President Juan Laporta confirmed that signing Bayern Munich star Robert Lewandowski will not be easy due to the economic crisis the Catalan club is going through, in an interview with the Spanish newspaper “Sport” on Tuesday 17 May.

Laporta said in his statements regarding the upcoming contract with Bayern Munich’s top scorer: “Lewandowski? It’s not easy, it must be remembered that our financial situation is not in the best condition, I can’t answer in more details, let Jordi Cruyff and Matthew Alemani work, we want to strengthen the team to be more competitive, but The priority is to improve the economic situation of our club.”

Bayern Munich player Robert Lewandowski (Getty)

Laporta spoke about the future of Frenchman Othman Dembele, saying: “He wants to stay, but he is tempted by the offers of other clubs that he may think are better for him. We made him an offer and he will respond next week. I hope he stays, but if he leaves, we will bring a replacement for him.”

He pointed out that the future of veteran Brazilian star Dani Alves (38 years) depends on the decision of the technical staff, by saying: “Dani Alves? He succeeded in the thing that we contracted with him for, now the technical authorities have the decision, he is excited to continue, and his stay will not affect the situation financial for us.

The Barcelona president spoke about his vision for the team under the custody of Spanish coach Xavi Hernandez, saying: “I saw a development in the team with Xavi. We won at the Bernabeu (over Real Madrid 4-0) with a strong performance, and we defeated Seville and Atletico Madrid, and we were able to It would be better if some players weren’t injured, it happened to us because we didn’t have a balanced squad.”

Laporta concluded his speech by saying: “Next season we have to have a team that aspires to win all the titles, including the Champions League. This season, I thought we could look forward to winning the Spanish League. I expected Real Madrid to drop some points in the last part of the season, but that did not happen.” Happen or occur”.

It is worth noting that Barcelona finished the current season in the second place in the Spanish League with 73 points, 5 points ahead of third-placed Seville, before a round of the end, and 12 points behind Real Madrid, the leader and crowned champion. Thanks to his rise from ninth to second place, Barcelona secured qualification for the Champions League and participation in the Spanish Super Cup next season.

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