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Books – Mustafa Al-Greitli:

The Future team won by four goals to three during the match that brought them together this evening, Tuesday, in the league championship.

Future advanced with a goal in the 25th minute through his player Ahmed Atef, before his colleague Ahmed Refaat added the second goal in the 30th minute, then Ayman Sfaxien scored the third goal in the 39th minute, ending the first half with a 3-0 lead for Future.

Al-Ittihad reduced the score with a goal in the 63rd minute through its player Ibrahim Hassan, then Karim Nedved scored the fourth goal for Future in the 65th minute, before substitute Boateng scored the second and third goals for Al-Ittihad in the 72nd and 78th minutes.

With this victory, Future raised its score to 31 points in fifth place, while Al-Ittihad’s balance stopped at 19 points in 13th place.

Highlights of the match:

Al-Ittihad defender Mahmoud Shabana removed a dangerous cross for the Future team in the 10th minute, before it reached Future striker Ahmed Sharif, to take out a corner that was carried away by the defense.

Future advanced with a goal scored by Ahmed Atef in the 25th minute of the first half.

And in the 27th minute, the referee of the match issued a yellow card to Al-Ittihad player Ahmed Nabil “Manga” after touching the ball with his hand during an attempt to extract it from Ahmed Refaat on the edge of the penalty area.

Ahmed Refaat hit the ball brilliantly against Al Ittihad of Alexandria in the 29th minute to boost his team’s lead with a second goal.

Future returned to pose a threat to Al-Ittihad’s goal through his player Ahmed Refaat in the 36th minute, who preferred to evade the defense, so the ball was cut from him.

Ayman Sfaxien scored the third goal for Future after a cross from the right of the field from his colleague Ahmed Atef in the 40th minute.

Ahmed Atef returned with a rebound in the 42nd minute, but his weak shot was blocked this time by Mohamed Abdel Monsef, Al-Ittihad goalkeeper.

Al-Ittihad player Marwan almost took advantage of the mistake of Future defenders, but his shot went past Future’s post in the 44th minute.

Al-Ittihad of Alexandria hit a ball in the 45+1 minute through its player Ibrahim Hassan, from the borders of the Future penalty area, but it hit the defenders’ feet.

Ibrahim Hassan took advantage of a mistake by the Future defenders, when Al-Ittihad took a corner kick and scored the goal to reduce the difference for his team in the 63rd minute.

Future responded quickly with a fourth goal scored by Karim Nedved in the 65th minute.

Ahmed Adel “Messi” sent a cross in the 71st minute, and his teammate Boateng converted his “heel” goal against Future.

Ahmed Adel “Messi” hit a powerful ball in the 74th minute, but far from the goal.

And Boateng scored again in the 78th minute, reducing the score to 4-3.

Al-Ittihad club received a direct free kick at the borders of the Future penalty area, which was sent inside the penalty area, but Abdullah Nassib’s header passed near the post in the 81st minute.

And the referee of the match in the 89th minute issued a yellow card against Al-Ittihad player Ahmed Adel “Messi” for claiming he had fallen.

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