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The Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Eng. Tarek El Molla, announced – during the opening of the third APEC Exhibition and Conference on Energy Efficiency – that the ministry is adopting an energy efficiency policy in the petroleum sector’s activities with specific annual goals, to conserve energy and rationalize its use.

Al-Mulla added – according to what was quoted by the ministry’s statement – that the conference is an important opportunity to exchange views and review the best practices that have succeeded in raising energy efficiency, especially in light of the successive challenges the world is witnessing.

The Egyptian Minister of Petroleum stated that the APEC 2022 conference aims to develop a road map with specific goals in this field, during the next few years.

difficult tests

The Egyptian Minister of Petroleum said that the challenges of the Corona pandemic affected various business fields, and put them in difficult tests, which represents a warning sign of what may happen if the challenges of climate change are not given sufficient attention, especially since significant increases in temperature may lead to epidemics and greater damage. for all sectors.

APIC 2022
Part of the speech of the Egyptian Minister of Petroleum during the conference – photo from the official website of the ministry

He pointed out that the ministry has been working continuously for years to confront climate change and reduce emissions in many aspects, foremost of which is diversifying the consumed energy mix, and increasing the rates of using natural gas as the cleanest fossil fuel.

He explained that achieving energy efficiency is one of the most important areas of the development and modernization project, which began in 2016, as a work program was devoted to improving energy efficiency in the sector, as it is an important component of efforts to build a strong and sustainable sector.

He continued, “Achieving energy efficiency – which will be discussed at the APEC 2022 conference – is the best solution to reduce costs and improve profitability, in addition to reducing carbon emissions, as several successes have been achieved in light of the implementation of this program, represented in achieving significant savings as a result of raising energy efficiency rates, in addition to Implementation of a large number of capacity training and building programs for employees in the field of energy efficiency, so that it has become part of the sector’s culture.”

Investing in Efficiency

El-Molla announced – during the opening of the APEC 2022 exhibition and conference – that the Egyptian petroleum sector intends to invest in energy efficiency opportunities, in order to enhance the sector’s readiness to deal with any challenges, and to advance towards a sustainable future on the environmental side, as energy and resource efficiency must be adapted in light of the trend towards a low carbon future.

He pointed out that countries that will invest in improving energy efficiency and transforming the consumed energy mix will have greater flexibility in the future at the economic level, in the areas of energy and climate, in addition to the need for companies to adopt more sustainable practices as pillars of economic activity.

Energy Efficiency in Europe

For his part, the Ambassador of the European Union to Egypt, Christian Berger, stressed the importance of the APEC 2022 exhibition and conference, which sheds light on the field of improving energy efficiency in light of the global interest in confronting climate change.

APIC 2022
The Egyptian Minister of Petroleum and the Ambassador of the European Union during the distribution of the Excellence Awards at the conference – Photo from the official website of the Ministry

El Molla explained that the European Union countries are working on implementing programs and initiatives to improve energy efficiency, and there is cooperation between the European Union and the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum in this field, pointing out that the Union supports the projects of the Egyptian petroleum sector technically and financially.

Among the areas that the union supports are; Gas delivery to homes, the Suez Refinery, training programs in the field of energy efficiency improvement, and the application of energy efficiency policies at headquarters and all sector projects.

Burger stressed the union’s desire to strengthen partnership and cooperation with Egypt in the areas of reducing emissions and promoting hydrogen use, in preparation for signing an agreement in the Mediterranean region related to hydrogen expansion.

Excellence Awards

On the sidelines of the opening of the APEC 2022 conference, the Egyptian Minister of Petroleum Tarek El Molla handed over the Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards to the heads of the winning companies, which are, in order, MOPCO in the first place, Rashid Petroleum Company in the second place, then Abu Qir Petroleum Company, and Badr El Din Petroleum Company.

APIC 2022
The Minister of Petroleum during the distribution of Excellence Awards on the sidelines of the APEC 2022 conference – Photo from the ministry’s website

He also presented Excellence Awards to cadres from the Middle Management Training Program for their efforts in improving energy efficiency.

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