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The US Department of Energy has launched a call for joint US-Israel proposals for clean energy technology, with total funding of up to $4 million, in support of carbon neutral plans.

Funding for the projects comes through the Bilateral Energy Industrial Research and Development Program, which promotes partnerships between the United States and Israel in bringing renewable energy efficiency technologies to market.

And the US Department of Energy indicated – in a press release it issued – that the deadline for submitting executive summaries is June 30, 2022.

It also set the deadline for submission of final offers of August 16, 2022, and decisions will be made in November 2022.

Drive clean energy innovation

The Bilateral Energy Industrial Research and Development Program provides a maximum of conditional grants of up to $1 million for each project out of at least $4 million of available funds.

This year’s call for proposals focuses explicitly on combating climate change, through innovation that increases carbon-neutral technologies and reduces the climate impact of natural gas and other associated infrastructure, such as carbon capture and ways to reduce leakage in natural gas systems.

“For more than 10 years, the bilateral energy industrial research and development program has demonstrated success in driving clean energy innovation, and we are excited to expand on this progress, with a critical focus on using technology to combat the global crisis of climate change,” US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said. .

“The bilateral energy program for industrial research and development is positive evidence that the more we share resources and ideas with allies around the world, the closer we are to the clean energy solutions needed to reach carbon neutrality by 2050,” she added.

Renewable energy

Cooperation with Israel

The Bilateral Energy Industrial Research and Development Program was established under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 and supports research and development that benefits both the United States and Israel.

It also focuses on commercializing sustainable energy technologies that improve economic competitiveness, provide job opportunities, and increase energy security.

Over the past 7 years, many projects of the Bi-energy Industrial R&D Program have reached the commercialization stage.

This includes battery ice technology for commercial air conditioning systems, a new way to improve energy efficiency in generating compressed air for the food and beverage industry and improve the reliability of these air systems, and electricity storage technology that will be able to charge electric vehicles in less than 15 minutes.

From 2009 to 2021, the Bi-Energy Industrial Research and Development Program funded 60 projects, with a total government investment of approximately $47.5 million.

The bilateral energy program for industrial research and development has attracted more than $840 million in venture capital and other subsequent investment to commercialize clean energy technologies.

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