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Tuesday 17 May 2022

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Tariq Al-Ashry, technical director of the Talaa El-Gish club, confirmed that his team played the error factor in the defense of Zamalek club, noting that the white team was affected by its past loss against Enppi.

Al-Ashry said in statements during the press conference: “Praise be to God for winning and getting the three points against a big team like Zamalek. We planned to win a week ago, and it is clear today that Zamalek was affected by the loss of the last match.”

He added: “We played the error factor against Zamalek and succeeded in exploiting the error. We knew that the team would push forward in front of us to win, and this is what we did against Al-Ahly, and we were close to winning this match as well.”

He continued, “I congratulate the players and wish success to the Zamalek team during the coming period. I suffer from presenting good matches against the big teams only, because the players have great additional motives, and everyone wants to present themselves in front of Al-Ahly and Zamalek.”

He continued: “The nature of the Egyptian player is the lack of continuity in good performance, and this is what appeared with us after the draw with Al-Ahly, and I hope it will not be repeated after the victory against Zamalek.”

And Al-Ashry continued: “Any team I work with took care of two aspects, and when I worked in the Al-Tala’i team, there were some defensive problems. After facing Zamalek.”

He added, “We moved from crowding out the bottom teams to the middle teams, and this is our main goal to improve continuously and gradually, as we did before that with the Border Guard team, but the most important thing is to maintain the main strength of the team and make the necessary reinforcements.”

Al-Ashry continued: “Zizou and Bencharki are able to make the difference with Zamalek during the current season, although Bin Sharqi has less revenue than previous seasons, and Imam Ashour succeeded in making a breakthrough in the midfield.”

Al-Ashry confirmed in exclusive statements to Masrawy: “We have not received any official offers to buy Muhannad Lashin from any club, and I would like him to continue with the team during the coming period, especially in light of his association with the team for two seasons, and this is what I will convey to the administration.”

When asked about his position in the event the player enters into a reciprocal deal, he said: “The matter will then be studied and our needs will be known.”

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