A shura committee calls on the “National Center” to set up mechanisms to monitor social phenomena

Yesterday (Tuesday) the Shura Council discussed, during its thirty-fourth regular session of the second year of the eighth session, which it held via video conference chaired by the Speaker of the Shura Council, Sheikh Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Ibrahim Al Al-Sheikh, a report submitted by the Human Resources Committee regarding the annual report of the National Center for Studies In its report, the committee called on the center to work on conducting special social research and studies based on its reading of the social reality and its monitoring of problems, issues and social phenomena in the Kingdom, and working on creating sources of income that contribute to supporting its research projects and coordination with (SDAIA) to provide the necessary link for the National Center with the relevant authorities. Relevant to his research tasks that require speed and accuracy in obtaining information. Abdullah Al-Najjar, a member of the Shura Council, called on the center to establish a clear and specific mechanism to monitor the issues, phenomena and social problems that Saudi society needs in all its regions and governorates to study and reach effective solutions to them.

In turn, Dr. Turki Al-Enezi called on the center to study proposing public policies that help protect individuals from technical damage and in a way that contributes to improving the uses of technology and achieving the principle of digital balance.

Meanwhile, Dr. Haifa Al-Shammari called on the National Center for Social Studies and Research to establish a national social observatory at the level of the Kingdom to read the reality and foresee the future with regard to social issues, calling for the center to have a research plan with societal priorities related to the problems and challenges of Saudi society.

In his intervention, Dr. Osama Aref called on the center to carry out research studies on the reality of the future of society in light of the rapid changes in many areas of community life and to predict future results in Vision 2030. While Dr. Ali Al-Qarni called on the center to have social studies departments and humanities departments such as media and political science Geography and history are among the departments that he seeks to ally with strategically to work together on addressing the core issues of society. Dr. Nasser called on the center to study the formation of an advisory committee, similar to some important national research centers, and as a practice that contributes to raising the level of quality. This committee consists of experts, academics, specialists and those interested in social studies and research locally and internationally.

Data content development in Science City

At the beginning of the session, he agreed on his decision regarding the annual report of King Abdulaziz City for Science, calling for support for the city’s efforts to review its financial policies and procedures related to operation and maintenance projects, and capital and research projects, in order to achieve spending efficiency and benefit from its own resources and to propose a strategy to stimulate the private sector to actively contribute to Supporting and financing scientific research and innovation in line with its new directions and plans. In the same resolution, the Council called on the city to develop and activate the content of its open data in a way that contributes to enhancing knowledge exchange and highlighting the Kingdom’s position and its international contributions in the field of scientific research, development and innovation.

Performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of devices

The Shura Council voted to approve what was included in the report of the Trade and Investment Committee regarding the annual report of the National Competitiveness Center, after the report was presented for discussion during the session.

The council’s decision included a request from the center to develop effective policies and work mechanisms that focus on improving legislative and regulatory reforms related to competitiveness indicators and reports that witnessed a decline in the Kingdom’s ranking, and to follow up on their implementation and give them priority. In implementing the legislative and regulatory environment reforms related to competition, following up their implementation and including them in the performance reports of these agencies on a regular basis.

In its decision, the council also called on the center to develop policies and work mechanisms in coordination with the relevant authorities to ensure the consistency of projects of laws and regulations or to amend them with the negative effects that are monitored or the effects on the public and private sectors on the “reconnaissance” platform before submitting those projects.

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