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11:22 PM

Tuesday 17 May 2022

Books – Abdul Hakim Taha:

Al-Ahly’s Crisis Management Committee, headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib, decided, after its meeting today, Tuesday, to address the Confederation of African Football with many demands, after learning that the date and venue for the final match of the Champions League had been set through the official accounts of “K”, despite the club not receiving any official letters. On this matter so far.

The club’s requests from the Confederation of African Football were as follows:-

1. Determining the criteria for holding the Champions League final, including (determining the capacity of the stadium where the match will be held – allocating 50% of this capacity to Al-Ahly fans); To establish justice between the two parties to the meeting, and that the club will pay the full value of tickets of all categories and classes, including the main cabin allocated to Al-Ahly and its fans, according to the ticket prices that the club is waiting to be informed of by “K” urgently.

2. Demanding that the stadiums allocated to Al-Ahly club (half the stadium’s capacity) be limited to its fans only. And that “K” confirms and obligates the authorities responsible for securing and organizing the match to do so.

3. Demanding the provision of full insurance for the safety of all elements of the match for the Al-Ahly mission and its fans that will accompany the team throughout the trip, and to ensure that the match organizer applies the procedures stipulated in the regulations of the African and International Federations, which prevent any effects on the performance of all players on the field.

4. Demanding confirmation that Al-Ahly fans obtain travel visas and the number of half the capacity of the stadium where the match will be held, taking into account the time constraints, and responding to the club regarding all its previous requests within 72 hours at most.

5. Demanding that the management of the aforementioned match be assigned to a refereeing team of the most competent referees of the continent, and that no one among this crew whose performance has previously caused any crises or protests in the various “K” competitions.

6. Demanding the use of the VAR technology crew from Europe, similar to what happened in the African qualifiers for the World Cup. Especially that the winner of this match will represent the African continent in the World Club Championship.

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