On a dramatic night for football fans all over the world, Luis Suarez bid farewell to Atletico Madrid fans in the team’s last match at home and among his fans at the Wanda Metropolitano.

The public got to know Suarez in the 2010 World Cup, which was his first with his country, Uruguay, and at that time he was one of the stars of Ajax, but he drew attention not only with his performance with Al-Teleste, but also with his famous shot in the quarter-final match against Ghana.

This shot was the controversial debut of the young player at the time, as he took the ball off the goal with his hand in the way of goalkeepers and actually received the red card, and after Asamoah missed the penalty kick and Uruguay qualified on penalties, Luis Suarez became a popular hero in his country.

But we return to the current moment in which the Uruguayan star bid farewell to Atletico Madrid, and we are trying to answer a question that has spread a lot in the last hours, which is about the club that Suarez will play for next season.

Luis Suarez Atletico Madrid

What is the age of Suarez?

Luis Suarez is 35 years old and will turn 36 early next year, as he was born on January 24, 1987 in Salto, Uruguay.

At the age of four, Suarez joined the Artigas de Salto Academy to learn to play football, and after three years in 1994 he moved to Orita, where he remained until 2000, after which he joined Nacional, specifically for the youth team.

Suarez included in the youth teams until he played with the first team in the 2005-2006 season, and after only one season, he moved to the Dutch club Groningen, where he spent another season before leaving for Ajax.

Luis Suarez exploded in the ranks of the Dutch great, and he spent 4 seasons with him before moving to the English great Liverpool, for which he played 3 years in which he carried the team’s hopes on his shoulders, after which he moved to Barcelona to be part of the “MSN” trilogy of Messi and Neymar.

After 6 years, Barcelona lost from Bayern with eight goals to two goals in the Champions League in the famous match, and he was one of those who blamed him, so the administration decided to sacrifice him to move to Atletico Madrid in 2020 and spend two seasons with him until the current 2021-2022.

What is the truth of Suarez’s retirement?

No official statement came out from Luis Suarez or one of those close to him talking about the Uruguayan’s retirement from football, and the English or European press has not talked about the matter yet.

But back in time to 2021, we will find an old statement by Suarez in which he talked about his retirement from the round witch, but he spoke about the international level at the time, and confirmed that he wanted to play the 2022 World Cup before hanging his boots internationally, but he did not talk about retirement as a whole.

Will Luis Suarez join Al Hilal?

Luis Suarez’s destination seems ambiguous after he bid farewell to Atletico Madrid fans with tears, but reports have flooded since the last winter transfer market, speaking of the rapprochement of a number of clubs with the Uruguayan.

We start from the Arab world, specifically from the Saudi League. Last January, a picture of the president of Al Hilal club with Suarez spread, which opened the door to speculation about the joining of the Atletico Madrid star, who had previously become the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup League.

It was then proven that this picture is not true, and it was taken from Salem Al-Dosari’s signing of his new contract with the Blue Wave, and the news was confirmed after that by the Spanish journalist Gerard Romero, who confirmed that Suarez excludes playing in the Middle East as a whole.

Will Luis Suarez return to Barcelona?

The possibility of Luis Suarez’s return to Barcelona is already open, especially after talk spread in early May about the Uruguayan striker’s desire to return to the Blaugrana, which Forbes quoted at the time from El Chiringuito.

According to Forbes, Suarez wants to return to Barcelona after the expiration of his contract next summer, which neither coach Xavi nor the owner of Laporta would mind, Luisito had left based on the opinion of former coach Roald Koeman.

Close to this possibility, in addition to the desire of the player, coach and management at the Camp Nou, is the return of Dani Alves last January after leaving many years ago, despite his advanced age, which opens the door for the Uruguayan who wants to retire at Barcelona.

Luis Suarez is ninth in the league's top scorer with 11 goals (Getty)

Will Luis Suarez return to the Premier League?

Luis Suarez made an amazing performance with Liverpool, as we mentioned between 2011 and 2014, making the world’s clubs flock to him, especially after leading the team to compete for the English Premier League, which he almost won, had his colleague Gerrard stumbled in the famous Chelsea match.

Steven Gerrard, the legend of Liverpool and Suarez’s former colleague and the famous falter, became the coach of Aston Villa months ago, and news spread indicating his great desire to return the Uruguayan to the English Premier League through Villanes.

Will Suarez join the American League?

Weeks ago, the Spanish newspaper Diario reported that Luis Suarez will move to the American League at the end of his contract with Atletico Madrid next summer, specifically to the Inter Miami team owned by David Beckham, which has attracted a number of European stars in recent years.

Among the most prominent of these stars is Gonzalo Higuain, the former Real Madrid, Juventus and Napoli star, as well as his colleague in the Bianconeri and former Paris Saint-Germain player Blaise Matuidi, and there are reports indicating that Giorgio Chiellini will join them in the summer transfer market 2022.

Where does Luis Suarez play next season?

In the past lines, we have limited most of the reports and news linking Luis Suarez to other clubs after leaving Atletico Madrid, some of which have a weak possibility and a strong possibility.

Certainly, a number of news will appear in the past few days, and we only have time to know the face of the next Suarez, the former star of Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and Ajax, and after a few days he will become a former Atletico Madrid.

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